State: Lawmaker advocated burning Black Lives Matter houses – Vote him OUT! OUT! – kra

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Seriously?!  Talk about fanning the flames of racism; tRump must love this guy! This racist moron has no place in our government! Excerpts from the Article: A legislator accused of making a Facebook post that advocated burning and looting houses displaying Black Lives Matter signs is being investigated by the state attorney general and facing calls to resign. “Public Service Announcement: If you see a BLM sign on a lawn, it’s the same as having...

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San Francisco Eliminates Fees on Jail Phone Calls

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Several years ago (7) I organized a statewide boycott of prison phones by inmates, to lower costs. It was successful; rates were reduced 3 months later. READ Families push for lower prison phone rates, more open visits – READ WHAT YOU CAN DO, AND DO IT! – kra  The ridiculously high fees are counter productive; the more people stay in touch with family, the better they do when they get out.       We are never again...

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Dover council OKs 5 new community police officers – Improving my Home Town – kra – With Letter to Editor – PUBLISHED 8/27/20

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This is a smart move by the City. While supporting the measure, Commissioner Slavin said: ” … more isn’t necessarily better — better is better.” He is quite right, but I would and to that: “More of better is best!” Better relationship/communications between citizens and the police can help reduce crime and may prevent the ongoing nationwide outrageous misuse of deadly force, such as what killed George Floyd and has...

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Commentary: If you have to ask what Black Lives Matter is, then you really don’t care

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This article by Mr. Bethel is an interesting discussion of some of the issues involved with Black Lives Matter. I don’t agree with some of what he says about the Constitution, and I shall ask him about that when (if) we meet. I am trying to track him down.  He surely is spot on with this remark: “Black lives didn’t matter in the beginning, from 1619, through slavery, through the Jim Crow laws, and no, Black lives don’t matter to...

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Mississippi ICE raids: Feds announce 4 managers charged in chicken plant investigations

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This is just more of tRump’s racist anti immigrant bullshit. Most people harmed by these “raids” and prosecutions have committed no crime, except to seek the American dream.  They work hard, support families back home, and contrary to tRump’s pronouncements, are not “criminals  and racists, the worst of the worst”.  WHAT A WASTE OF POLICE RESOURCES! READ Letter to the Editor or Op Ed Submission – The...

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