Study: Technology Creates and Embeds Bias in the Criminal Justice System

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This excellent article from our friends at the Human Rights Defense Center reminds us that the criminal justice system is biased and racist [I have written/posted scores of articles on that] and that new developments must be carefully monitored to ensure accountability.  This technology certainly presents much opportunity for abuse, and I say beat the drum to get it REGULATED!  I cannot afford a subscription to CLN, but every now and then I get...

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GREETING TO NEW INTERNET CONNECTIONS! Information everyone should know! – kra

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This is what I send to most (I don’t have time to get it to all of them) new internet connections, on MeWe, LinkedIn, etc.  Greetings: Thanks for connecting. You may want to subscribe to our weekly eNewsletter. Check out our website, loaded with useful (Enter “Practical Tip” in search bar!) and important information you will not see elsewhere! Should you or any of your connections ever have any questions about any of these articles or...

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Cops Killed 100 Times More Americans Than Terrorists Did in 2017 – Bet you didn’t know that! kra

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Ken’s Comments;   When I post facts like these, I must remind you that most cops are good cops. Nevertheless, this statistic is pretty horrifying. “They are fighting a war on drugs and engage citizens in paramilitary conflict on a daily basis. And the number of citizen casualties in this war is much higher than in the war on terror. That says a lot about our national priorities.” I would substitute the word...

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Governor Leads Call-to-Action for Criminal Justice Reforms – Hits the Nail on the Head! kra

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Ken’s Comments: This article was sent by my colleagues at LEAP, where I am on the Speakers Bureau. Here is another voice of reason in a realm of life so destructive to our country. While there is lots of talk of reforms these days, there is little action. Why? Because for every 1 person arrested, 29 benefit financially.  Only a handful of those 29 are actually helping society’ many are just “collecting a paycheck”! Think...

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Echo Yard, where normal prison rules no longer apply – A Great Idea!

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Ken’s Comments:   Like other innovative programs coming on board – though far too few – this just makes sense. It sends the opposite message being sent by dilapidated jails, the “we don’t care” message which was another article I just posted. ALL studies show that programs and improvements like this save a lot of $$$$, reduce crime, improve inmate behavior, and reduce recidivism! Creating art, building...

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