Sanders’ criminal justice plan aims to cut prison population in half – REAL CRIMINAL JUSTICE REFORM WHICH WILL WORK – kra

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tRump loves to say that he has enacted prison reform, but that is wildly misleading. The changes he has made are miniscule.  Bernie gets it!  🙂  He has some damn good advisers on this issue, and they have been reading my posts! 🙂 THIS is what is needed to:         1.Save taxpayers billions of dollars annually.         2.Greatly improve our prisons.         3.Reduce crime. What Bernie plans is fair, long overdue, and it will work! Excerpts from...

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Newark unites during vigil held in honor of diversity, victims of shootings – Our Friend Charito! -kra

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My dear friend, Charito  Calvachi-Mateyko  once again leads the way speaking out for those who are downtrodden! I am sorry that I was unable to attend this Rally, but I have been to many with Charito, and she is a force to be reckoned with!  I am so proud of her; she has “come out of nowhere” in the last 6 years, to be a leader among leaders in Delaware. See her credential which I have posted below. Look at her, seen here at the...

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Letter to the Editor – When Will They Ever Learn? – 7/26/19 – The Feds Will Execute People – kra

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Yes, Commander Bonespurs wants to sound “tough on crime”, when, in fact, he knows as little about managing or reducing crime as he knows about decency or obeying the law. The resurrection of the death penalty will avail us nothing except wasted tax money. READ READ Death Penalty Letter to the Editor =  The Letter sent to about 400 papers today: Letter to the Editor – When Will They Ever Learn? –...

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Ohio Mayor’s Courts Are Huge Sources of Unjust Revenues

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What a racket!  If the changes sought by the ACLU are not enacted, lawsuits should fly, to hold these people ACCOUNTABLE! Excerpts from the Article: U.S. jurisprudence generally strives to avoid conflicting interests and even the appearance of impropriety. This practice apparently does not apply to the system of mayor’s courts in Ohio. Reminiscent of ancient Star Chamber of England, Ohio mayor’s court proceedings have no court reporters or even...

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Florida Democratic Party says they’re returning private prison contribution – Damn good news! – kra

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These companies, including the ones operating the deplorable ICE “detention centers” so much in the news lately, are a blight on the Criminal Justice system and on America. They do NOT save money, and they needlessly cause untold abuse and suffering. Both parties in every state should follow this lead! Of course, Republican’ts never will, because today’s Republicans, under the guidance of racist, criminal, inept, Donald...

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