Whistleblowers describe culture of racism, abuse and cover-ups at Florida prison

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Yes, and it is the same in prisons all over America. READ Culture of Cover Up Only when the abusers are prosecuted and imprisoned will they get the message: they must obey the law. READ How to avoid the deaths of prison guards and inmates  Excerpts from the Article: One former Panhandle prison employee said she filed a written complaint about a correctional officer’s racist behavior, then came into work several days later to another officer...

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Drivers Beware: The Deadly Perils of Traffic Stops in the American Police State

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I have posted similar articles. The best advice is: do what they say. Tell the officer what you are doing, i.e. “I am getting my license”. Move slowly, with your hands visible at all times. Do not reach under the seat; if you need to, tell the officer why you need to.  Record the encounter.  Complain later if you have a complaint. For more examples of extreme abuse open the Whole Story. Excerpts from the Article: We’ve all been...

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NJ marijuana legalization: Would legal weed bill stop cops from searching based on smell? – GREAT idea! – kra

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This is a great idea; fantastic, super-duper, and fabulous, all in one! The law to legalize Pot in N J is still pending, but this provision of it is terrific! Keep in mind: despite the growing wave of legalization of Pot, thousands of people still are arrested for possession annually in every state, and even an arrest without conviction, can destroy one’s life. 99 percent of marijuana busts in New Jersey start with an officer reporting...

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Ohio’s Parole Board undergoes sweeping reforms to increase transparency, fairness

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Long overdue. Looks good on paper; let’s see if they DO it!  I recall posting an article about Board members sleeping through the hearings! Excerpts from the Article: The Ohio Parole Board, criticized in recent months for having a secretive and arbitrary decision-making process, will become more open under a long list of reforms announced by Gov. Mike DeWine on Wednesday. For the first time, offenders eligible for parole will be allowed...

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Delaware’s drug laws are out of balance. Here’s how we can fix that. With Letter to the Editor – kra

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Kathy Jennings, Delaware’s Attorney General, Sen. Elizabeth Lockman, D-West Wilmington, and Rep. Sean Lynn, D-Dover, who chairs the House Judiciary Committee, wrote an excellent Editorial piece (We Must Bring Balance to the Criminal Justice System) in which they hit the nail on the head, addressing most of the major problems in the system today. NOW all they need to do is penetrate the skulls of some Bozo legislators, to enact needed changes!...

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