Letter from a concerned citizen, Pam Rehmer, about racism in the criminal justice system.

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A friend of mine in Massachusetts sent me this letter [she should send it out as a Letter to the Editor, perhaps with the introductory sentence being “I am writing to increase awareness of a major problem in our criminal justice system”] and I include it here because racism is a major problem in the system. Although polls show that 74% of Americans don’t think the system is racist, many, many studies show that it is. Read...

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Total Cost of Pretrial Detention Estimated at up to $140 Billion Annually – An Eye Opener! kra

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Ken’s Comments:   With all the talk about the need to end cash bail and bail reform, here is an eye opener! Most of this is YOUR tax money wasted! According to the facts in this article, the actual cost is closer to $23.2 Billion! I have long spoken of the “collateral costs ” – profoundly significant social damage – of mass incarceration, and that is factored in here. With that, the cost is closer to $230...

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Here’s One Excellent Reason To Cut Prison Populations – Reduce Crime! Letter to Editor – kra.

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Ken’s Comments: Here is what I add, oh so flattering to politicians. This is called being “smart on crime”, a departure from the awful and flawed thinking of so many politicians, who, over the past 45 years, have destroyed our criminal justice system by trying to seem “tough on crime”.  READ How the War on Drugs Has Destroyed Justice!  How the “War on Drugs” has Destroyed Justice! Delaware’s own...

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Interracial wedding led to NW Florida inmate’s brutal beating – Imprison the Guards! kra

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Ken’s Comments:   Just another day in paradise in America’s prisons, where this sort of senseless attack happens every day, and will until the offenders are imprisoned.      Excerpts from the Article:   U.S. Attorney’s trial brief indicates the incident stemmed from an interracial pre-wedding photo shoot between the inmate and his fiancée. PANAMA CITY — An interracial marriage inside the walls of a Sneads prison...

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