Here’s How Prison and Jail Systems Brutalize Women, Especially Mothers

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Ken’s Comments:   This reminds us that women are the fastest growing prison population. Most are there for victimless crimes, like addiction and prostitution. I don’ think that is justice nor a wise use of our resources (locking them up at a cost or about $40,000 per person per year), when they can be treated for about 1/3 the cost! READ Crime Prevention Bill With the injustice here so obvious, why is this happening? I can tell...

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Trump Hails Civil Rights ‘Heroes’ in Speech Some Black Leaders Boycotted

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Ken’s Comments:   Given the FACTS, all that tRump has said and done, it is just laughable that he thinks showing up here with scripted comments will lead anyone to think that he cares about civil rights! He does not understand … has no respect for … and has sought to destroy … civil rights! Excerpts from the Article:   President Trump looked somber as Reuben Anderson, Mississippi’s first African-American...

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A TALE OF TWO DRUG WARS It seems compassion is an effective drug deterrent. Too bad there wasn’t any during the crack epidemic. – Sessions – kra

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Ken’s Comments:   Not news to me, but we need to make it news for the idiot “tough on crime” politicians who cannot see that the “war on drugs” is the most costly, catastrophic, failed policy in American history! This article also reminds us that tRump and Sessions are a disaster for the new approaches we need to handle drugs and addicts.     Excerpts from the Article:   More than 30 years after...

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Does Our Belief in Women’s Stories of Sexual Violence Extend to Survivors Behind Bars? It Should – kra

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Ken’s Comments:   Prison guards raping and otherwise abusing women is a remarkably widespread problem. Although Team Posner Law Group is not yet operational with staff and offices (we are helping a few folks, but much more work lies ahead!), I have suggested to Dick that we have a Team Posner Law Group Strike Force, to go after the worst of the worst abusers in the criminal justice system. God willing, we will have plenty of...

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The Chicago Police Had A Secret Black Site Where They Treated Petty Criminals Like Terrorists – Amazing! kra

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Ken’s Comments:   You’ve got to read this one to believe it. Even in this age of so much police abuse, this is pretty extreme. With Jeff Sessions leading the U S D O J, there can be no reasonable expectation that those responsible will be held accountable.    Excerpts from the Article:   From around 2004 to 2015, the Chicago Police Department ran a detention center that functioned more like a CIA black site. The...

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