The Newest Jim Crow Recent criminal justice reforms contain the seeds of a frightening system of “e-carceration.”

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This EXCELLENT article by Michelle Alexander conjoins several topics, and she warns of the dangers and problems I have alluded to in several recent articles! We must heed her warning. This article reminds me of one of my favorite Grooks:  (Google Grooks by Piet Hein!) THE ONLY SOLUTION We shall have to evolve problem-solvers galore– since each problem they solve creates ten problems more. Excerpts from the Article: In the midterms,...

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In Alaska – Is SB91 working? A new report says it’s helping

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Needed changes slowly are coming. Have you read this yet?  I remember when the system worked well; justice nearly always was the result. Today it is a total train wreck – perhaps the most vivid manifestation is that we are imprisoning hundreds of innocent people every year. This is WHY it is a train wreck!  Excerpts from the Article: Mention Senate Bill 91, or SB91 in Alaska, and the conversation gets heated. It’s often blamed when people...

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We Are Arresting & Incarcerating Moms Who Can’t Afford Bail, & The Costs Are Huge

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I ask myself daily, when will this crazy mass incarceration shit end!? Then I remember that it took us more than 40 years to make a royal mess of the c j system, and it will take a while to fix it. Oh yes, I remember when it worked well. Nary a pregnant Mom in prison!   Excerpts from the Article:   What’s the worst mistake you’ve made as a mom? Sleeping through a night waking? Driving above the speed limit? There is likely...

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Too Bad Cesar Chavez is No Longer With Us! – kra

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How many of you remember Cesar Chavez, the great labor leader and civil rights activist from the ’60s?! I sure do! He rose from poverty to prominence with DIGNITY. He and MLK were heroes to me as a teenager. Though not an immigrant himself, he probably did as much to call attention to their plight, and to help provide migrant farm workers equal rights under the law, as anyone in our great nation. Were he here today, he already would have...

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Incarceration costs millions of tax dollars – Georgia, for example – kra

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Our incarceration policies are a phenomenal waste of assets! Read related articles on prison abuse. Part of this bullshit is “job preservation”*. For every one person arrested, 29 people benefit financially, so Georgia keeps people on probation for a ridiculously long time … 7 years … where it is easy to re arrest them for violating probation. Can you say:  “Ten minutes late for curfew … BAM! … ten...

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