Ohio Mayor’s Courts Are Huge Sources of Unjust Revenues

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What a racket!  If the changes sought by the ACLU are not enacted, lawsuits should fly, to hold these people ACCOUNTABLE! Excerpts from the Article: U.S. jurisprudence generally strives to avoid conflicting interests and even the appearance of impropriety. This practice apparently does not apply to the system of mayor’s courts in Ohio. Reminiscent of ancient Star Chamber of England, Ohio mayor’s court proceedings have no court reporters or even...

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Florida Democratic Party says they’re returning private prison contribution – Damn good news! – kra

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These companies, including the ones operating the deplorable ICE “detention centers” so much in the news lately, are a blight on the Criminal Justice system and on America. They do NOT save money, and they needlessly cause untold abuse and suffering. Both parties in every state should follow this lead! Of course, Republican’ts never will, because today’s Republicans, under the guidance of racist, criminal, inept, Donald...

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Study: Technology Creates and Embeds Bias in the Criminal Justice System – WATCH for Abuses! – kra

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Another great article from our friends at PLN. While they cannot now point me toward a documented instance of using this technology in a malicious way, we MUST be sure that it never is used that way. It is RIPE for abuse! Excerpts from the Article: Automatic License Plate Readers (“ALPR”), facial recognition technology, and predictive policing are some of the new weapons in the arsenal of the police state. And minority communities are caught in...

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Digital Jail: How Electronic Monitoring Drives Defendants Into Debt Ankle bracelets are promoted as a humane alternative to jail. But private companies charge defendants hundreds of dollars a month to wear the surveillance devices. If people can’t pay, they may end up behind bars. This is a HUGE nationwide problem – kra

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Whether state operated, or implemented by the predatory private prison companies that have entered this arena, this is a huge, nationwide problem. Huge. The private prison companies are very clever at enhancing their blood-sucking revenue, and Courts – judges – have been all too willing to go along.  There are many issues involved here: racism, the problem of having  judges elected, instead of appointed, in many states, “sex...

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Study: Technology Creates and Embeds Bias in the Criminal Justice System

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This excellent article from our friends at the Human Rights Defense Center reminds us that the criminal justice system is biased and racist [I have written/posted scores of articles on that] and that new developments must be carefully monitored to ensure accountability.  This technology certainly presents much opportunity for abuse, and I say beat the drum to get it REGULATED!  I cannot afford a subscription to CLN, but every now and then I get...

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