The Highest of Highs – Essay – kra Ron W Mandatory Minimum

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Oh yes, I have been “really messed up” on drugs, but that is not what this is about. Thank God, I have been clean now for 15 years, and I have put the awful experience to good use … part of my education enabling me to help so many now. The first time I experienced the high I am talking about was in ’81 or ’82 when I got my client out of prison. He was the first client in Delaware sentenced under the new...

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San Francisco and San Diego DAs say they will be tossing out thousands of marijuana convictions

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Ken’s Comments:   Thank God some people are getting some sense! These laws not only should be enacted in every state where pot is legal, but should be broadened to allow for some automatic expungements. “…  it is the least we can do for people who have been deemed criminals for doing something most Americans do not consider particularly criminal.”   Excerpts:   San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon said...

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Letter to the Editor – Criminal justice system policies are changing for the better – by Ken Abraham – PUBLISHED

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Ken’s Comments:   This editorial was PUBLISHED in the Delaware State News of 1/16/18, P A4.  You should look into the goings on of the Board of Pardons in YOUR state, and then use this as a guide to either praise them, or, if they still “deny, deny, deny”, to shame them in the press!  CAUTION: You should not let this lead you to believe that you should apply yourself. This is a special process (applying for a pardon or...

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“I Won’t Back Down” – My Theme Song. kra

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I remember when our criminal justice system worked well. There was time to have proper trials. There were nearly zero wrongful convictions. Our prison population was about 338,000 (now over 2.1 million). That was 1973, the year I graduated from law school. That was before the “war on drugs” got ramped up. That was 45 years ago; that is how long it has taken us to create the dysfunctional justice system seen in America today. Nixon...

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