Good News. The Board of Pardons and others are Starting to Get Smart. :)

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GOOD NEWS.  12/14/17 I spent most of the morning at hearings of the Board of Pardons. Long enough to say a few words on behalf of inmate Joe Walls, whom I met in prison, greet a few lawyer friends, meet others, hear about 30 presentations and hear the Board rule on about 50 applications for Pardons and for Commutations. They recommended that the Governor grant Joe Walls’ Application for early release. In Delaware, like 47 other states,...

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‘Rally for Justice’ coming to Dover on Saturday – Come Join Us!

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Join us this Saturday on The Green in Dover DE from 9 AM to 1 PM … come and speak your mind!  Here is a newspaper article about the Rally, but since it was printed I got more great news:  Executive Director of NARSOL To Speak in Delaware! 🙂 I have just received confirmation that Ms. Brenda Jones, the Executive Director of a relatively new national organization, NARSOL – National Advocates for Rational Sex Offender Laws- will be one...

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The BEST way to get the word out about issues is a Letter to the Editor – Click on Articles and then scroll to “Go in Depth” and click on Letters to the Editor” for hundreds of examples and easy instructions. But the ANOTHER GREAT WAY to also attract eyeballs and the press, is a PRESS RELEASE. When I had my fast-growing businesses I sent one out every 3 months and got millions of dollars of “free advertising”...

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Legal Crisis – Above the Law? kra Updated 8/25/17 OUTRAGEOUS! Arpaio is Pardoned. With Letter to the Editor

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President Trump suggests that Sheriff Joe Arpaio should not be punished for “doing his job”! What twisted thinking! What utter nonsense! His job was not to violate the law, and that is precisely what he did so openly, defiantly, and arrogantly! He had his day in court ans was convicted. Indeed, he convicted himself before the whole world with his public comments! He continuously violated the rights of many, many Americans and...

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