Many Penalties Reduced in Year One of First Step Act

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This is a drop in the bucket compared to what should be done, but some progress. Remember too that federal inmates are only 15% of our inmate population.  The states need to do much more reform in this area. Excerpts from the Article: Fewer increased penalties for recidivists were imposed during the first year of the federal First Step Act, the U.S. Sentencing Commission says in a new report. The report suggested that the law was having its...

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Study: Cannabis Use Associated with Reduced In-Hospital Mortality in Patients with Congestive Heart Failure

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MORE evidence of the medicinal power of Pot, yet the BOZOS in Congress keep it classified as dangerous as heroin! RAISE HELL FOR DECRIMINALIZATION OF POT! Excerpts from the Article: Heart failure patients with a history of cannabis consumption possess lower in-hospital mortality rates than do those with no history of use, according to data published in the journal Cureus. Researchers affiliated with Brookdale University Hospital Medical Center...

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Delaware teen launches Shore hemp farm – The way of the Future! – kra

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This young entrepreneur is ahead of her time! Go. Rylie GO! Excerpts from the Article:  In a field in rural Northampton County, thousands of green hemp shoots raise their spiky leaves toward the sky.The fledgling plants belong to 14year-old Rylie Maedler, who says medicine made from plants like these gave her a renewed chance at normal life, childhood and a beautiful smile. Now, she wants to help do the same for others.Rylie is CEO of Rylie’s...

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Survey: Majority of Health Care Professionals Endorse Cannabis Use Instead of Opioids in Chronic Pain Patients

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Sure; it just makes sense!     Excerpts from the Article:   Nearly three in four licensed health care professionals in Washington state endorse the use of medical cannabis as a substitute for opioids in patients with chronic pain, according to survey data published in the journal Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research.Researchers with the University of Washington School of Nursing surveyed a random sampling of actively licensed health...

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California: Nevada County District Attorney to Dismiss Decades’ Worth of Marijuana Convictions

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Every prosecutor’s office in America should do this!   The Article: The Office of the District Attorney for Nevada County (population: 99,000) has filed a motion to dismiss hundreds of low-level marijuana convictions dating back to the 1970s. Several other felony marijuana convictions will be reduced to misdemeanors.Nevada County joins Alameda, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, and several other counties in the state...

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