WeedWeek for the Week of 5/12/18 = ALL the news about Marijuana!

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I’m telllin’ you, this is THE source for Marijuana news: Business developments, Criminal Justice, Politics, Health and Science, Culture, and more! I simply do not have the time to highlight here more than one article (below), but YOU should subscribe to WeedWeek and/or look through the whole newsletter for what interests YOU most! There are scores of very interesting and informative articles!   It’s Time for a New Discussion of...

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A typical 2 A M email. Probation and Sex Offenders … You CAN get probation shortened. kra Practical Tip

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If I awake in the middle of the night, I check my emails. Here is a recent exchange, with the sender’s name omitted for her privacy: Margaret….Subject: Question Hi Ken, If a guy, a SO, has been sentenced to three years in prison and ten years probation, is there any way to have probation shortened? I received a letter from this poor guy in the Georgetown facility who was arrested for ‘dealing’ chid pornography. They consider it...

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Trump White House is months late on strategy on drugs despite opioid emergency – Disastrous! kra

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Ken’s Comments:   Our sons, daughters, brothers, sisters … Americans are dying from overdoses at the rate of nearly 200 every day! Why have they not done what they are required by law to do? One big reason is that tRump is clueless on the issue, nor does he care about it.  More talk and no action; he went on TV to say a few words and sound politically correct, but he cares no more about that than he does about dozens of  other...

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WeedWeek for the Week of 4/21/18 = ALL the Marijuana News

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This is THE most comprehensive newsletter for all issues concerning marijuana: Business, Politics, Criminal Justice, and much, much more! Because it is so jam-packed with great information, and yours truly is such a very busy “one man band”, I cannot highlight more than two articles for this newsletter, but I encourage you to open WeedWeek and look it all over for articles of interest to YOU! There are soooo many fascinating,...

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WeedWeek for the Week of 4/7/18 = ALL the Marijuana News! More than 80 Great Articles.

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Our friend Alex does a marvelous job with this newsletter. Politics, Health and Science, Criminal Justice, Business, Culture, and more! My problem is time: I cannot highlight for you more than two articles this week, below. But I encourage you to open his newsletter and check it out for whatever may be of most interest to YOU!   California on Pace to Sell $4 Billion of Cannabis This Year  Perhaps $75 Billion nationwide by 2030! As I have...

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