Escapee, 64, Sentenced After 29 Years on the Run in Sydney

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This was printed as “Odd News”.  Sadly, it is not odd that we still are imprisoning people for growing pot! Excerpts from the Article: A 64-year-old fugitive who surrendered to Australian police because a Sydney lockdown left him jobless and homeless was sentenced on Thursday to an additional two months behind bars for escaping from prison almost 30 years ago. Darko Desic has been back in custody since mid-September when he walked...

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Spain arrests Venezuelan spymaster wanted on US drug charges

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Justice – prison – is headed his way! Excerpts from the Article: Police in Madrid on Thursday arrested a former Venezuelan spymaster wanted on U.S. narcoterrorism charges, capturing him in a hideout apartment nearly two years after he defied a Spanish extradition order and disappeared. Gen. Hugo Carvajal, who for over a decade was late Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez’s eyes and ears in the Venezuelan military, was arrested in the...

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Lost cause 50 years of the war on drugs in Latin America

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Opening the whole article will confirm why a picture is worth a thousand words.  More press coverage of the most clearly cataclysmically failed policy in our history!   Excerpts from the Article: June 17 marks 50 years since Richard M. Nixon declared drugs “America’s public enemy number one.” Perhaps no political decision has had a greater impact on Latin America’s recent past and present. Now journalists from the region are examining the...

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FBI used encrypted Anom app in international crime bust The FBI secretly ran an encrypted chat network that included 12,000 devices and was widely used by criminal organizations across the globe for various illegal dealings

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Here we go again, another “massive bust”! Will this slow the supply of drugs to America’s streets? Of course not. The only way to do that is to reduce supply by warning about the dangers of drugs, not lame “just say no” or “egg in a frying pan” ads! has some good ads.   Excerpts from the Article: The FBI is celebrating a massive bust stemming from the global takedown of a popular...

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Since the nose doesn’t know pot is now legal, K-9s retire

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The times, and the laws, thank God, are a changin’!    Excerpts from the Article: Drug-sniffing police dogs from around Virginia are being forced into early retirement as the state prepares to legalize adult recreational use of marijuana on July 1. Virginia is following a trend in other states where legalization has led to K-9s being put out to pasture earlier than planned. Police dogs trained to detect the odor of marijuana will no...

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