WeedWeek for the week of 3/10/18. ALL the Marijuana news!

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THE newsletter for Pot news: Politic, Health & Science. Business, Culture, Criminal Justice, and much more. There are more than 80 articles, but constraints on my time allow me to highlight only one: Driving and Cannabis Hit the Skids. Should people under age 21 be tested for driving under the influence of cannabis?  I say NO! Read related articles on my website to see that the myths about driving under the influence of Pot overwhelm the...

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Waiting for Justice One man’s seven-year wait for a trial reveals the ways mandatory minimums distort our courts.

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Ken’s Comments:   Here we see new insights into the collateral consequences of our idiotic federal marijuana laws. Excerpts from the Article:   A federal appeals court recently freed a man who had been incarcerated nearly seven years awaiting trial. Although the court labeled Joseph Tigano III’s pretrial incarceration “egregiously oppressive,” it suggested there was no one factor to blame. “Years of subtle neglects,” the court...

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San Francisco and San Diego DAs say they will be tossing out thousands of marijuana convictions

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Ken’s Comments:   Thank God some people are getting some sense! These laws not only should be enacted in every state where pot is legal, but should be broadened to allow for some automatic expungements. “…  it is the least we can do for people who have been deemed criminals for doing something most Americans do not consider particularly criminal.”   Excerpts:   San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon said...

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