12 shot, five dead in single day of shootings in Baltimore – With Letter to Editor -kra

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The violence is crazy! See the Letter I sent out to Baltimore papers and others! There IS a solution! Excerpts from the Article: Authorities say 12 people were shot, five of them fatally, in eight separate weekend shootings in Baltimore. The first of Saturday’s shootings was reported at about 2:30 a.m. and involved three female victims, all found with apparent gunshot wounds in a car in a northeastern section of the city. One victim, a...

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26 bags of body parts found in western Mexico ravine – END our asinine “war on drugs” – kra

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THIS is what our “war on drugs” “accomplishes”, while drugs flood our streets with ever-increasing deadliness! Yes, this article is about Mexico, but not long ago bags with body parts were unearthed in the desert in AZ = the U S of A! Irrespective of where they are, each is a Mother’s son or daughter! HERE is the solution, Folks! READ IT! The Answer to the Drug Problem … or do you want to continue to waste about a...

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Michigan, Illinois set to usher in recreational pot sales – Because it makes SENSE! – kra

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Just a matter of time until all states do the right thing! Excerpts from the Article: James Daly is eager to make marijuana history on Sunday, when he plans to open the doors to Arbors Wellness, beckon the lengthy line outside and legally start selling recreational pot for the first time in the Midwest. “We’ve worked very hard to be prepared,” said Daly, who owns the medical dispensary that, for now, is among just six shops in Michigan — mostly...

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Biden, lone top 2020 Democrat to oppose federal marijuana legalization, cites ‘gateway drug’ concern – With Letter to Editor – kra PUBLISHED

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UPDATE:  My Letter was PUBLISHED on page 4 of the Delaware State News of 11/25/19. ……………. Wow. He lost my vote! I have known Joe Biden since we both were young lawyers in Delaware in the ’70s, and I used to think he’d be ok for president, with all the experience he got as Obama’s VP. Not anymore.  He says that his concern is that marijuana needs more research because he thinks it a “gateway...

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Colorado passes $1 billion in marijuana state revenue – Super! – kra

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Get with it, every state without legal pot! Colorado has made A BILLION $$$$ from taxing pot! That is HUGE! 🙂     Excerpts from the Article: Colorado has now generated more than $1 billion in total state revenue from the legal marijuana industry, another milestone for the state that legalized cannabis in 2014. Colorado already has posted some big numbers: More than $6 billion in total sales of cannabis since the birth of the new industry —...

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