Letter to the Editor – Alcohol is an “essential business”?- 3/28/20

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                                This is One Way Alcohol Kills People   Letter to the Editor – Alcohol is an “essential business”?- 3/28/20 With virtually all businesses shut down, in Delaware and in some other states liquor stores remain open! Governor Carney, when asked about this, said that he had been advised that closing them might flood health care providers – at a time when all are needed to fight coronavirus...

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Parents say Vaughn Correctional health care was a ‘death sentence’ for their son – How Many More Times Will We Hear This?! Bob Dylan and I have the Answer! Letter or Op Ed Submission – kra

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Dylan’s answer: Blowin’ in the Wind. My answer: until they start PROSECUTING those responsible! READ How to avoid the deaths of prison guards and inmates … or do you want to join the countless officials who refuse to acknowledge this huge problem called prison abuse?  Wow! Here is a whopping lie from the head of D O C: “When offenders come into our facilities, they get terrific care. They expect to get care they’d never...

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Letter to Editor or Commentary – Appreciate Reporters! 3/4/20 – kra PUBLISHED 3/7/20

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I suggest that YOU speak out on whatever concerns you. For me it is criminal justice and prison problems. You? “Take the politics out of politicians”?  Stop raising my taxes? Streamline government red tape? Improve our schools? Whatever it is, speak out. Reporters may or may not interview you and write a story on it, but you don’t need to wait for that.   Here is what you should do. And thank your “lucky...

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Courtroom Psychology Tests May Be Unreliable, Study Finds – With Letter to the Editor – kra

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I’ve written so many articles about the neglect/abuse of our mentally ill. That neglect/abuse costs YOU – your tax money – about $444 BILLION every year! Without follow up reports of tests’ effectiveness, this will remain a huge problem. Excerpts from the Article: Courts are not properly screening out unreliable psychological and IQ tests, allowing junk science to be used as evidence, researchers have concluded. Such...

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Delaware GOP says Democratic Sen. Bryan Townsend should resign over Rush Limbaugh meme – And my Letter to Editor – kra

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As head of the Delaware Republicans, M. Jane Brady, is entitled to her opinions, however wrong the may consistently be. Excerpts from the Article: The head of the Delaware Republican Party says a Democratic state senator should resign after the lawmaker posted a meme on social media likening conservative radio personality Rush Limbaugh to a member of the Ku Klux Klan. “As a member of the Senate, he’s demeaned the entire body of the...

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