Probation and Parole – a short Essay by Ken Abraham – With Letter to the Editor or Editorial Submission

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You can google oodles of articles about this, and one thing you won’t find is the reminder that some of the Probation Officers are mean-spirited little people in uniform, who delight in bullying terrified probationers. We have seen it many, many times, to the point that the helpless ex offender admits to things which are not true. A prime example is a P O brow-beating the ex offender, and trying to play psychiatrist, by hinting at...

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Letter to the Editor: The time has come for recreational cannabis

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It is just a matter of time, but the time is NOW! Yes, our governor echos the same dumb comments made by some legislators. The Letter: I attended the Smyrna Town Hall meeting on Jan. 30 and asked our governor about the potential for legalization/regulation of cannabis in the First State. What I heard in response, though, left me with cold. He seemed to ignore any financial benefits of a well-designed program that could bring much-needed funds...

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Roger Stone arrested in Mueller investigation – and my Prediction on Pardons! – and Letter to Editor – kra

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Yes, Roger stone still is presumed innocent. But I see yet another lying criminal dirt bag headed for prison, where he belongs.   Consider this: Here is some enlightening information …. from a “better than average” [ ask my clients! 🙂 ], extremely experienced, criminal trial lawyer: I am seeing lots of comments to the effect that tRump will pardon Roger Stone, recently arrested and not yet convicted (but he will be!). He very...

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Letter to the Editor – Shameful abdication of duty – 1/20/19 – kra

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Letter to the Editor – Shameful abdication of duty – 1/20/19 – kra   Of course tRump deserves the blame for the shutdown, he said so himself. Said he was “proud” to take “credit” for it! But too many people miss the larger point. No matter which party orders it, no matter what the impasse may be, the answer is NOT to punish millions of hard-working Americans with a federal government shutdown! What...

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New year, new session, new vision for reform, Sean Lynn – With Letter to Editor – kra

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Update: This Letter is Published on page A 6 of the Delaware State News of 1/20/19!  See it Here  This excellent commentary by my friend and super attorney Sean Lynn is right on point. But there is so much more which can be done.   He should move swiftly on expungements. Some 70 million adult Americans have a criminal record. I happen to specialize in applications for expungements and for pardons, here and in other states. In Delaware, if you...

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