Commentary: The inmates have taken over the House asylum – And My Response – Letter to Editor or Commentary! – kra

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Here we see another person dangerously uninformed, or dangerously oblivious to the manifest harm tRump is doing to America! Why here? Because tRump is a disaster for our courts and our justice system. Perhaps his most egregious move was reinstating private prisons so his donors can profit! Excerpts from the Article: America is well aware of this sad statement but the truth hurts. The Democratic party is now being run by the most left-wing...

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Why are Democrats blocking bills that would allow state to track legislator pay?: Opinion – My Letter to Editor! – kra

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Can’t say that I often agree with Republicans these days, but Delaware’s  Ruth Briggs King is quite right on this issue! What are these clowns hiding?!  READ my Letter, below. We have a right to know!  Excerpts from the Article: Two proposals seeking to make candidates and lawmakers more responsible for their actions have a long and unfortunate history of being killed in the General Assembly. Currently pending action in the House...

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More discussion set to determine fate of Hummers Parade – With Letter to the Editor! – kra PUBLISHED

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Here is the Article: More discussion set to determine fate of Hummers Parade   And here is the important part of this post:  UPDATE – 12/5/19 THIS IS PUBLISHED IN THE DELAWARE STATE NEWS Commentary or Letter to the Editor – Save the Hummers Parade! – 12/4/19 For years now, Middletown, De has demonstrated the fine American tradition of satire and comical irreverence toward authority. Their annual gala of the Hummers...

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Biden, lone top 2020 Democrat to oppose federal marijuana legalization, cites ‘gateway drug’ concern – With Letter to Editor – kra PUBLISHED

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UPDATE:  My Letter was PUBLISHED on page 4 of the Delaware State News of 11/25/19. ……………. Wow. He lost my vote! I have known Joe Biden since we both were young lawyers in Delaware in the ’70s, and I used to think he’d be ok for president, with all the experience he got as Obama’s VP. Not anymore.  He says that his concern is that marijuana needs more research because he thinks it a “gateway...

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Dover Interfaith (DIMH) searching for new home for the homeless … With Letter to Editor

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It was my great good fortune to land at DIMH when I was released from prison on 2/2/12.  Fortunately, I was a resident there for only 3 months, because my first social security check enabled me to get an apartment. But I volunteered there for months, then I was hired as staff part-time for a couple of years. With all of my other work, I had to give up that part-time staff job, but I still volunteer there and I counsel their residents and former...

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