Speak Out on Important Issues! Letter to the Editor about pay/performance gap.

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I was a state employee for 6 years (1 as law clerk to the Supreme Court, and 5 as Deputy Attorney General, handling thousands of criminal cases, where I saw how lazy/incompetent too many government workers are. Since then, during the past 40 years, I have see great real personal harm done to many by too many such state and federal workers. Raise a little hell about it; they work for YOU!    I sent this out to my 250+ press email list this...

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Letter from a concerned citizen, Pam Rehmer, about racism in the criminal justice system.

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A friend of mine in Massachusetts sent me this letter [she should send it out as a Letter to the Editor, perhaps with the introductory sentence being “I am writing to increase awareness of a major problem in our criminal justice system”] and I include it here because racism is a major problem in the system. Although polls show that 74% of Americans don’t think the system is racist, many, many studies show that it is. Read...

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Florida shooting: NRA sues as Florida enacts gun-control law – with Letter to the Editor – kra

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Ken’s Comments: Update of 3/15/18: http://www.citizensforcriminaljustice.net/florida-shooting-nra-sues-as-florida-enacts-gun-control-law-with-letter-to-the-editor-kra/ I just about fell out of my chair when a Pulitzer Prize winning author called me a minute ago and said: “Great letter, Mr. Abraham!” He now calls me ken.  🙂                              Send one like it out where YOU live!   First, we must applaud the work of the...

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Splitting hairs: DOC cadet booted from academy over beard – Letter to the Editor Idiotic! kra

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Letter to the Editor – Idiotic! Shave the beard? Shave the nonsense! 2/27/18 My reaction to the article about D O C firing the unusually well-qualified young man with a beard,:The inconsistency and insanity of D O C policies and procedures marches on! Desperate for truly qualified employees, they terminate a Cadet with outstanding credentials who is in compliance with their own policies! Ken Abraham, Dover, DE 302-423-4067 ….. My...

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Letter to the Editor – Criminal Medical Neglect – 2/25/18 – kra / Terminal cancer spread as prison neglected Delaware inmate’s pleas.

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Letter to the Editor – Criminal Medical Neglect – 2/25/18 – kra   Medical neglect so bad it could be called criminal, and prosecuted as “manslaughter”! I saw it for five long years, and I have been calling attention to it now for another 5 long years; will anyone ever seriously address it? Now we have the story of Steven Sipple, where the headline says “Terminal cancer spread as prison neglected Delaware...

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