Op Ed Submission – Protect Your Right to Vote – 2/20/21

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My good friend, Greg Williams, and I put this together, going out to more than 400 papers today: Sent out again on 2/24   Op Ed Submission – Protect Your Right to Vote – 2/20/21 Every American, of whatever political persuasion, should be appalled by the brazen efforts of conservatives to curb, restrict, or block their right to vote! Since the Florida 2000 presidential election debacle, the proposed 2019 “For the People Act” (HR 1) is the...

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Trump pardons former national security adviser Michael Flynn, who pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI – With Letter to the Editor – kra – And in so doing he undermines the Rule of Law! – kra

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This is another stark reminder of what an asshole tRump is. I happen to specialize in Applications for Pardons, and Flynn does not even qualify to apply using the normal process. But no, no normal process is needed because tRump abuses his pardon power by pardoning his political buddies. This sends a terrible and troubling message: it is ok to lie to the FBI about national security matters; there will be no serious consequences for this crime!...

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It is Vital to REMEMBER, and to ACT in future elections! tRump did not act alone; he had a slew of SILENT ACCOMPLICES! – kra With Letter to Editor or Op Ed Submission – kra

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It is pathetic that now, when it is clear that tRump has lost, and we will have a new president in 2 months, that so many still are so fearful and/or so stupid that they support tRump. OK, so impeachment failed, for all the wrong reasons. But this is the beginning of the fight to restore decency, honesty, integrity, and lawful conduct to our White House, and safety to our nation! …………….. 7/29/20 This just might take cake! Within 3 minutes tRump...

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Vermont is one of two states that allow prisoners the right to vote

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This is an issue YOU should speak out about! Voting rights should have NOTHING to do with criminal justice or one’s record.  It is blatant suppression of Black votes. Excerpts from the Article: While majority of states restrict prisoners from voting, a rare provision in Vermont law gives all state residents voting rights. With just days to go before Election Day, Vermont Secretary of State Jim Condos says exercising the right to vote...

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Election 2020 Live Updates: Joseph R. Biden Jr. Has Won the Presidency – With Letter to the Editor- kra

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Joe’s victory holds promise for much great criminal justice reform, and it will start with the end of private prisons! You can bet that if I happen to know whomever he appoints as AG, I’ll give him/her a call.  🙂 Just think of it: no more bullshit from lying, foolish, tRump enablers like BARR and POMPEO!  🙂  🙂  The Article: Joseph R. Biden Jr. has been elected president of the United States, defeating President Trump by promising to...

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