AG’s priorities should focus on Delaware – With Letter to the Editor by kra

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Two days ago one of our papers printed this Letter:  (See my response, below!) The article prompting my response: AG’s priorities should focus on Delaware While Delaware is battling the COVID-19, our intrepid Attorney General has decided to “tilt at windmills” by suing 31 fossil fuel companies for their allegedly deceptive and negligent conduct toward “the people of Delaware” in matters of climate change. Although...

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Wilmington women indicted on hate crime charges after viral MAGA hat theft – With Letter to Editor – kra

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She has done it again! Done what? “The right thing”.  Delaware is fortunate to have my friend, Kathy Jennings, as AG.  I have known her a long time, and I am sure she is no fan of Trumpsters, but she is a person of integrity, and therefore brought these charges. Excerpts from the Article: The two women seen in a viral video confronting and taking a red “Make America Great Again” hat from supporters of President Donald...

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Dover council OKs 5 new community police officers – Improving my Home Town – kra – With Letter to Editor – PUBLISHED 8/27/20

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This is a smart move by the City. While supporting the measure, Commissioner Slavin said: ” … more isn’t necessarily better — better is better.” He is quite right, but I would and to that: “More of better is best!” Better relationship/communications between citizens and the police can help reduce crime and may prevent the ongoing nationwide outrageous misuse of deadly force, such as what killed George Floyd and has...

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Fourth of July perspectives on our star-spangled banner – By Dave Skocik – with Letter to the Editor – kra

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My friend, Dave Skocik, a PR guy, probably spends as much of his time honoring our military as he does on his job. He’s a big asset to society, and he had this piece published in The Delaware State News of 7/3/20. I don’t entirely agree with him on this one. He is quite right when he says “The symbol of our nation should not be part of any political statement.”  No doubt about that, just as politics should have no part...

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City manager makes room for additional police training – Good! – kra – With Letter to Editor – kra PUBLISHED

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Donna Mitchell, City Manager of my home town, Dover, DE,  proves the importance of having the right person in the job!  Her action in allocating funds for further police training could save/improve many lives. Update: My Letter to Editor was PUBLISHED by our state’s largest paper, The Wilmington News Journal, on 6/26/20. The paper combined it with my Letter about our A G, Kathy Jennings …. so both of my Letters saw ink, and...

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