Catholic Priests Abused 1,000 Children in Pennsylvania, Report Says – “Shame and Sorrow” are not enough; I have an idea – kra With Letter to the Editor

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You KNEW I would comment on this; it has taken me a few days to get to it. We have all heard the horrifying stories, so I do not print much below. In light of the breadth and depth of these atrocities, and given the incidents in other states in recent years, here is what I propose: Since government agencies are unlikely to undertake this, the Catholic Church, with the BILLIONS of dollars it is sitting on, should hire a top-notch independent...

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Monsanto Loses Landmark Roundup Cancer Trial, Set to Pay USD 289 Million in Damages – GOOD! READ about the company’s OUTRAGEOUS cover-up! kra

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Greedy, reckless corporations need to be held accountable. Here’s a little tip for you if you own stock in Monsanto or Bayer: SELL! 🙂  Thousands of these cases have been filed. This is just the first one to go to trial. From my vast, vast experience with juries, I could have told them that all the fancy lawyers and “experts” and double-talk would never fool 12 ordinary folks! Look what they did!! “For years Monsanto has...

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Letter to the Editor – The Farmers Get It – 8/3/18

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What’s the connection to criminal justice? I cannot find the percentage, but many, many inmates leave prison into the world of homelessness.   Letter to the Editor – The Farmers Get It – 8/3/18 Each Wednesday during the summer season, Dover Interfaith Mission for Housing (DIMH) has a booth full of goodies at the open air market in the heart of downtown Dover. Right between State Street and Governor’s Avenue. The best time to...

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Michigan Democrats hope pot measure brings out youth vote

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My guess is that this is a clever strategy, and it will work. One point is absolutely correct: “It’s the most sensible thing to do,” Hank said. “Politicians who don’t support this proposal are on the wrong side of history, and that’s too bad.”   Excerpts from the Article:   As both parties continue pumping funds into the 2018 race, Michigan Democrats hope to cash in on another kind of green. A proposal to legalize marijuana will be on...

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Florida sheriff says ‘Stand Your Ground’ law prevents arrest in fatal shooting in parking spot dispute – Bad law! – kra

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Is there REALLY no prosecution because both of them are black? This law has got to go! It encourages vigilante shootings when in fact someone should just call 911! Here is the problem with this law: the shooter in this instance did not have to shoot. He was pushed.  He should have called the police, not drawn a gun, Having drawn the gun, he should not have shot! The video clearly shows that the assailant was about 10 feet away when shot, and...

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