Letter to the Editor: No to death penalty reinstatement

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My friend Kristin Froehlich, the sister of a murdered brother, sent in this Letter PUBLISHED today, 6/10/19 in The Delaware State News. The Letter: On May 30, New Hampshire became the 21st state to abolish the death penalty. As the sister of a murdered brother, I agree with the murder victims’ family members in New Hampshire who testified that the death penalty fails to provide for the needs of victims’ family members, often immersing them in...

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Legal Weed Bill Returns. And a Battle is Brewing – With Letter to the Editor – kra

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Here we go again. Delaware should legalize pot. Period. See so many articles about it on this website.   Opponents say things like “too little is known” and other nonsense to try to make sense of their “Reefer Madness mentality”!  READ my Letter to the Editor, below! Excerpts from the Article: Delaware lawmakers have fired up the fight to legalize pot. It’s good news for pro-ganja Delawareans, many of whom hope...

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Let’s address recidivism realistically – We are making a difference- kra With letter to Inmate – kra

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As soon as I saw this, I knew this guy had read my Editorial piece. Sure enough, he thanks me and Steve Hampton, Esq. toward the end of his Commentary.  My email going to Steve Hampton within 15 minutes: Steve, Check it out.  I shall be writing to this inmate within 48 hours (I got his S B I # from our friend Lori with Link of Love) to thank him for his Commentary, and to encourage him to keep it up and to tell more inmates to speak out in...

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Delaware’s drug laws are out of balance. Here’s how we can fix that. With Letter to the Editor – kra

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Kathy Jennings, Delaware’s Attorney General, Sen. Elizabeth Lockman, D-West Wilmington, and Rep. Sean Lynn, D-Dover, who chairs the House Judiciary Committee, wrote an excellent Editorial piece (We Must Bring Balance to the Criminal Justice System) in which they hit the nail on the head, addressing most of the major problems in the system today. NOW all they need to do is penetrate the skulls of some Bozo legislators, to enact needed changes!...

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Mexico warns of ‘deep concern’ over armed groups on U.S. border – It is called “Kidnapping”! – kra

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Both the ACLU and Mexico have warned about this and have called on U S authorities to enforce the laws! There are good reasons why we are a nation of laws. Where are federal prosecutors, where are the local prosecutors, who should be arresting and prosecuting armed kidnappers?! Oh, “it doesn’t matter; those people have brown skin” you say? I say: Bullshit!   🙂    Excerpts from the Article: Mexico said on Saturday it had...

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