Letter to the Editor or Op Ed Submission – Thank a Cop Today – 1/25/22

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Letter to the Editor or Op Ed Submission – Thank a Cop Today – 1/25/22 Are there bad cops in the system? Sure. We have seen a recent spate of attacks on police, and a jury soon will decide whether the police who did not intervene to stop some of their brethren from killing George Floyd should be held accountable. But the vast, vast, majority of police are “good cops”. They joined their Departments to protect and serve us, and they do a fine job...

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DOJ wants Oath Keepers leader to remain in jail pending trial

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This idiot should not get out on bail! Excerpts from the Article: The Justice Department is arguing that Oath Keepers leader Stewart Rhodes should remain in jail as he awaits trial for seditious conspiracy related to the attack on the US Capitol. “There are no conditions of release that can reasonably assure the safety of the community or the defendant’s appearance in court,” prosecutors wrote in a court filing on Thursday....

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The Cop Crime of Failing To Intervene

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This important principle is simple: the police are to protect and serve, and when one cop sees another actually unlawfully harming someone, regardless of rank, he should intervene in order to protect and serve. Excerpts from the Article: Derek Chauvin has already been convicted for the murder of George Floyd. To the extent any conviction “sends a message” to anyone, the message has been sent. But the trial of the three officers working under...

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Want to build trust? Quit trampling our right to hold government officials accountable.

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We must eliminate “qualified immunity,” and hold police accountable for their conduct. Excerpts from the Article: James King was a college student walking to work in 2014 when two officers in street clothes stopped him and asked his name. King answered them, but one tore the wallet from his pocket anyway. Thinking he was being mugged, King ran. The officers tackled him and beat him badly – so badly that bystanders called 911. One officer later...

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As Murders Spiked, Police Solved About Half in 2020

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This is a pretty good article explaining the change in clearance rates for murders. In the early 1980s, police cleared about 70% of all homicides; now it is only about 50%. Excerpts from the Article: For homicide detectives, 2020 brought good news and bad news. On the one hand, police across the nation solved more murders — in absolute numbers — than in any year since 1997, according to data reported to the FBI. On the other hand, because new...

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