Exonerated Prisoner Invests Portion of $20 Million Settlement to Start Barber School

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Some rare good news! Yep, there are more than 45,000 barriers to reentry nationwide, most of them totally unnecessary! More than 230 here in lil ole Delaware! God Bless Mr. Rivera!   Excerpts from the Article: No one appreciates the challenges of re-entering society like a former prisoner, especially one who was wrongfully convicted. For exonerated ex-prisoner Juan Rivera of Illinois, his experiences led him to invest some of his...

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Think about it!

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I have many quotes from both of these wise men. Ponder these two: “Justice is the highest of all virtues.” – Aristotle “An avidity to punish is always dangerous to liberty. It leads men to stretch, to misinterpret, and to misapply even the best of laws.” – Thomas...

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ICE Detention Center Says It’s Not Responsible for Staff’s Sexual Abuse of Detainees – It’s called Failure to Train and Supervise – kra

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That is pretty funny. ICE clearly is responsible. It’s called “Failure to Train and Supervise” as a civil rights claim and the also can and should be prosecuted! ICE “detention centers” are the worst prisons in America. This article reminds us that laws intended to monitor them need TEETH and enforcement. Below I am seen giving a talk about 3 years ago about the terrors of ICE “detention centers”. It...

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On the Inside: The Chaos of Arizona Prison Health Care – Abominable Health Care – kra

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“Health care” in all of our prisons is one of America’s greatest hoaxes! This failure to abide by agreements/settlements is precisely what I say in Delaware D O C. This article features revelations from doctors inside the system, doctors with the courage to tell the TRUTH. If you are not totally outraged, you are not paying attention! The specific cases we see here of needless pain, suffering, and death are typical of...

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Request for Vaughn inmate mistrial denied

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I have had at least 700 trials. Mind you, I do not know enough about exactly what happened to say for sure, but I am afraid that here Judge Carpenter may have been in too big a hurry to move along a complicated trial, and here committed reversible error. The questioning certainly was relevant, and the answer important for the jury to know. If it had been asked and answered several times already, that’s one thing. But we do not know that...

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