We’ve Got to Raise Some Hell to Get the Job Done! kra

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There are many morons – politicians – and powerful financial forces [police and prison guard unions and MANY others (all of the prison contractors, prosecutors) who feed off of mass incarceration] opposing much needed criminal justice reforms. For every 1 person arrested, 29 benefit financially!  So here is a hint:  One cannot speak quietly against police abuse or prison abuse, nor about many of the changes needed to restore JUSTICE...

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Report: Joliet DCFS office had contest to close family cases – OUTRAGEOUS! kra

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Ken’s Comments;   No surprise to me; these agencies are out of control nationwide! I get calls every day from families harmed by their conduct!  READ Practical Tip – You must do this if you get a call or a visit from CPS! The Fight CPS HANDBOOK        Excerpts from the Article: The Joliet office of the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services offered gift cards to workers closing the most cases just months...

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America Needs to Do More to Support Mothers in Prison – Sessions kra

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Ken’s Comments:   Women continue to get treated too harshly by the system, their innocent children are the BIG losers, and the situation will only worsen under Trump’s A G Sessions!   Excerpts from the Article:   Studies show helping moms stay in touch with their kids behind bars is good for inmates and their families. So why aren’t we doing more? “Any little bit of time I can get with my kids, I would die...

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The Two MOST Important Things to Do! kra

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THESE are the two most important and most effective things you can do to fix any problem in our criminal justice system. NOTE: Both involve SPEAKING OUT! 🙂   Click the tab on Letters to the Editor! Type keys words in the search bar and peruse this website. Everything you need is right here! ANY question, CALL me at 302-423-4067! 🙂           

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Texas Senate Votes to License ‘Baby Jails’ as Child Care Facilities – Horrible Move! Sessions kra

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Ken’s Comments:   In case you don’t know it [see related articles on this website!], millions of immigrants – men, women, and children, are held in the most awful, abusive, dangerous  prisons in America – private prisons – for months and for years before being deported.  This is the way some idiots in the Texas Senate are dealing with the need for more space as we continue to deport hard working families...

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