America Needs to Do More to Support Mothers in Prison – Sessions kra

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Ken’s Comments:   Women continue to get treated too harshly by the system, their innocent children are the BIG losers, and the situation will only worsen under Trump’s A G Sessions!   Excerpts from the Article:   Studies show helping moms stay in touch with their kids behind bars is good for inmates and their families. So why aren’t we doing more? “Any little bit of time I can get with my kids, I would die...

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Practical Tip: Did You Know? If you use illegal drugs you might well lose parental rights to your minor children B4 you can say: “Holy Shit! How did that haappen?!”

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I got involved with helping folks dealing with CPS because they are JUST AS WILDLY OUT OF CONTROL AS THE CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM, as the short story below and THOUSANDS OF OTHERS  will attest!  These cases ruin the lives not only of Mom and/or Dad, but of the innocent kids!*  I just got another call like DOZENS of others I have received. [Unfortunately, many of these folks are referred to me after “the shit has hit the fan”! ] A...

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The Two MOST Important Things to Do! kra

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THESE are the two most important and most effective things you can do to fix any problem in our criminal justice system. NOTE: Both involve SPEAKING OUT! 🙂   Click the tab on Letters to the Editor! Type keys words in the search bar and peruse this website. Everything you need is right here! ANY question, CALL me at 302-423-4067! 🙂           

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Federal lawsuit accuses Texas, CPS of discriminating against black children!

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Ken’s Comments:   I get calls every day. CPS nationwide is outta control. outta control, outta control!   I cannot find nationwide statistics on this bias in the system, but I bet they would be a shocker! A 2015 study by the state’s own Center for the Elimination of Disproportionality and Disparities cites a 2013 finding that African-American children in Texas are twice as likely to be removed from their families and four...

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How Will YOU Fight Injustice? Here’s HOW YOU CAN! kra

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YOU can make a difference, and many of us ARE making a difference. I see some (too few, but those who had “stinking thinking” before reading my Letters to the Editor!) politicians now echoing what I write! 🙂    1. WRITE a Letter to the Editor – there are some great ones on our website under – click “articles” then click on the tab “Letters to Editor”. Pick one, modify it to your...

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