Protecting Drug Dealers, Outing Police Informants – What a Creep! kra

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Ken’s Comments:   Using his power to get sexual favors; yeah baby, why not?! Seriously, this rat now faces 21 serious charges, and if justice is served the sentence will be a long prison term. One huge consequence of his conduct is the undermining of trust in the system, already at an all time low!   The Whole Story:   Bedford County District Attorney William Higgins has been charged in connection with allegedly sabotaging...

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Do Conviction Integrity Units Work? I suspected they would NOT. kra

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Ken’s Comments:   The system is such a mess that prosecutors in 35 states now have people review claims of wrongful conviction! To learn the many reasons for wrongful convictions, read articles on this website like John Grisham: Eight reasons for America’s shameful number of wrongful convictions    Excerpts from the Article:   In May 1988 on the south side of Chicago, a video store caught fire in the middle of the...

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It’s Not Only The Vegas Casinos Which Reap Financial Gain But Also The Courts – Bad lawyers, Bad judges, and the absurd Nevada Judicial Discipline Commission – kra

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Ken’s Comments:   This does not surprise me, but I have written a Letter to the Editor, and YOU should send one to papers in Nevada and elsewhere! See the details of the horrifying case of Judge Cynthia Giuliani, Tim and Candace Bock, and the corrupt lawyers and judges, detailed below! this sort of misconduct undermines the very foundation of our courts… mocks justice, and erodes confidence in the system. Call for prison terms...

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John Grisham: Eight reasons for America’s shameful number of wrongful convictions

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Ken’s Comments:   Glad to say that during my days as a prosecutor I was sure never to convict an innocent person. That so many are convicted is the most dramatic ex example of how screwed up the system has become. I have written and posted articles on each of these causes on this website. “Once an innocent person is convicted, it is next to impossible to get them out of prison.”  Which is why I wrote  Know Anyone...

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Sessions fires former FBI Deputy Director McCabe – Politics has NO place in criminal justice! kra

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Ken’s Comments:   If  you don’t think the firing of Mr. McCabe two days before his scheduled retirement was politically motivated, you don’t know what’s going on. For months, tRump has agitated for his dismissal. tRump’ lawyer recently called for an end to investigations regarding tRump. Just before the firing, the president’s spokeswoman called McCabe a”bad actor”! The only one telling us...

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