Exclusive Investigation: The Power and Prejudice of DAs on Drugs – Prosecutors

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Another excellent article about our futile, absurd, war on drugs. Prosecutors are the most powerful people in the system. This extensive survey reveals that we have far too many knuckleheads working as prosecutors!  Read The Whole Story for vivid, named, examples! Excerpts from the Article: Public opinion is souring on the criminalization of drug use. But what prevents this from translating into practice? While politicians makes laws and police...

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Oklahoma prosecutors resist push for prison alternatives

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They don’t get it! The “tough on crime” crap of the past 40 years has not kept us safe. Young men die every day in the streets, from gunshots. Drugs are flooding our cities. Changes are needed! Excerpts from the Article:   Since the days of frontier justice, lawmakers in conservative Oklahoma have viewed harsh prison sentences as the politically expedient solution to crime, including nonviolent offenses. That approach has...

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How ‘Underground Justice’ Has Failed Americans – “Plea Mediators”, a great idea! – kra

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I enjoyed 5 years as a prosecutor, and I am appalled by so many of today’s prosecutors. They are the most powerful component of our criminal justice system, and so many lack common sense and an understanding of “fairness”. Maybe that’s why so many results in today’s courts make little sense and are unfair.  I have written on all of the ills mentioned by professor Kelly: stacking charges, rush to sentence, etc.  I...

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Author John Grisham says most NC death row inmates did not receive a fair trial

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It would not surprise me if in-depth studies showed the same for all states! Mr. Grisham here shows us some of the problems, and how things have changed.   Excerpts from the Article: Today, there are 141 people on North Carolina’s death row. By comparison, in Virginia, a state with similar politics, demographics, and crime rates, there are just three. It is both out of line with other states and out of character for North Carolina to have...

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Reminder – Part of Ken Abraham’s vast Experience with the law

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CALL ME – MY EXPERIENCE FOLKS – this means YOU! If you know anyone with a criminal justice question, a legal question, tell them to CALL me!!! Not a bunch of type type type… CALL 302-423-4067. I work every day from about 3 or 4 a m until 8 or 10 pm. I hate to toot my own horn but the FACT is I am able to help most (over 95%) of those who call. Not because I am a friggin’ genius, but because there are few people on this planet...

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