A prosecutor says no to a rape charge, so a college student calls her own grand jury

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You go, girl!   Excerpts fromThe Article: Madison Smith will be just a few months out of college when her story is heard this fall by a most unusual Kansas grand jury — one she convened. For three years, the local prosecutor has resolutely refused to make her case: that what began as consensual sex in a college dorm room became a rape, and that she was unable to say “stop” because her classmate was strangling her. But Smith invoked a...

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Washington Supreme Court: Prosecutor’s War on Drugs Comments Denies Fair Trial

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Another case of prosecutor misconduct.  There are far, far too many! I was a prosecutor for five years, and this is not rocket science: THE JOB OF A PROSECUTOR IS TO BE FAIR. Excerpts from the Article: The Supreme Court of Washington held a prosecutor committed flagrant and ill-intentioned misconduct by framing a defendant’s prosecution as representative of the war on drugs. The Court’s opinion was issued in an appeal brought by Gregg A....

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New Jersey high court overturns conviction over ‘Shining’ reference

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THIS GUY OBVIOUSLY IS A MORON, no longer able to be so dangerous to justice! I was a prosecutor, and that job is to be FAIR! Excerpts from the Article: The New Jersey Supreme court has overturned a man’s bank robbery conviction because of a prosecutor’s reference to a classic horror movie.During closing arguments in the case against Damon Williams, the prosecutor showed jurors a photo from the movie “The Shining” depicting a character played by...

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Judge Rejects Trump Appointee’s Attempt To Keep Band Member Jailed Over Photo Shoot – Some Prosecutors are IDIOTS! – KRA

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I’ll be sure to email this article to the prosecutor involved tomorrow – personally! I’ll tell him he’s an asshole and a disgrace to his office. I was a prosecutor for 5 years; the job is to be FAIR.  I cannot believe this one is so stupid!     A federal judge in Tennessee on Friday rejected a federal prosecutor’s attempt to keep a bassist locked up in jail for months over a photo shoot for his anarcho-punk...

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It’s Over Charges against Curtis Flowers are dropped = 171 Death Row Inmates Now EXONERATED – Another Bad Prosecutor! – KRA

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The most dramatic example of how screwed up our criminal justice system is is the number of wrongful convictions.  Here is one such story. He is just the tip of the iceberg; depending what study you read, we have from 10,000 to 100,000 INNOCENT people in prison in America. For various reasons, it is not possible to know the actual number. Excerpts from the Article: At long last, Curtis Flowers is free. The Mississippi man endured nearly 23...

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