No Consequences for Prosecutors’ Bad Behavior

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As a former prosecutor, I have, for years, called for bad prosecutors to be held accountable.  READ  – Report Bad Lawyers – DO IT! My friend, Ed Bartlett, runs CPI, the Center for Prosecutor Integrity, in D. C.  Go to  Excerpts from the Article: It is not unheard of that the...

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Notorious Louisiana Prosecutor Fired for Misconduct Technicality – Good! kra

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The state of Louisiana is well served with the departure of this bad apple! Excerpts from the Article: Jason Brown was a ‘lock ‘em up tight and throw away the key’ type. One of the most disliked prosecutors in Caddo Parish, Louisiana, history, he was a hard-charging and inflexibly tough prosecutor who pushed for maximum punishments. Several of them were recounted by investigative journalist Jon Campbell in The Appeal. Back in 2015, Brown left...

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Exposing Lancaster CA District Attorneys – Watch the Video! – kra

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As a former prosecutor myself, I say LOCK THESE ASSHOLES UP! Listen to the audio and hear them say that they do not care about guilt or innocence, only about getting convictions! Where are the feds? The U S Attorney for this district, who should investigate and then PROSECUTE these maniacs?! The Audio: 

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DA’s Office Files Bar Complaint on Its Own Former Prosecutor

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So what did they do to this fool? He must be held accountable. I was a prosecutor, and there is nothing worse than a bad prosecutor! Excerpts from the Article: The Santa Fe, New Mexico, District Attorney’s Office submitted a formal complaint to the state’s Bar Association alleging that former prosecutor Jason Lidyard (who is now a district court judge) intentionally withheld exculpatory evidence in a murder case. Lidyard was assigned to the...

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People Serving Life Exceeds Entire Prison Population of 1970

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This excellent report is 5 pp. OPEN the link to see the graphs and charts and read the whole article! Studies show that many serving life do NOT need such long sentences. i.e. Life because stealing a candy bar was your “3d strike”!   Results show (exonerations) that thousands are INNOCENT!   In 24 states, there are now more people serving life sentences than were in the entire prison population in 1970   While prison...

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