Access to Documents concerning Inmate Deaths – Death Certificate and Medical Examiner’s Report – kra

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Updated 1/2/19  Here is the newspaper article regarding this issue. I am disappointed that they did not print my proposed solution to the problem, but they did quote me correctly toward the end of the article. Let me remind you that I am the only “Advocate” mentioned who has actually seen the chaos inside our prisons!   Advocates question state’s autopsy reporting policy for prisoners  – Front page article in the Delaware...

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Hazing, Humiliation, Terror: Working While Female in Federal Prison Inmates expose themselves and threaten rape. Male guards let them do it. Women who complain are ‘pretty much blackballed.’

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Again, nothing here which is news to me, but the article does highlight problems female C Os encounter, just one aspect of the abuses so rampant in America’s prisons, state and federal. The sex abuse is rampant, flat out outrageous, and WHO do you think pays for this sort of stuff?! YOU DO! A few hospitals or schools could be built with the money here wasted!  … “In 2017, the Bureau of Prisons agreed to pay $20 million to...

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Selfie saves innocent man facing 99 years behind bars – Damn stupid prosecutor! kra

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Christopher Precopia is an elderly black man. You think this would have happened if he were white?!  I do not.  This article shows: How fragile “justice” is in today’s America. What an idiot the prosecutor was. He should have a) never brought the case, or, at least, b) dropped the charges in a matter of hours once he saw the photo! The accuser should be prosecuted for falsely reporting a crime. That is a felony in every state....

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Exclusive Investigation: The Power and Prejudice of DAs on Drugs – Prosecutors

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Another excellent article about our futile, absurd, war on drugs. Prosecutors are the most powerful people in the system. This extensive survey reveals that we have far too many knuckleheads working as prosecutors!  Read The Whole Story for vivid, named, examples! Excerpts from the Article: Public opinion is souring on the criminalization of drug use. But what prevents this from translating into practice? While politicians makes laws and police...

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Oklahoma prosecutors resist push for prison alternatives

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They don’t get it! The “tough on crime” crap of the past 40 years has not kept us safe. Young men die every day in the streets, from gunshots. Drugs are flooding our cities. Changes are needed! Excerpts from the Article:   Since the days of frontier justice, lawmakers in conservative Oklahoma have viewed harsh prison sentences as the politically expedient solution to crime, including nonviolent offenses. That approach has...

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