Sessions fires former FBI Deputy Director McCabe – Politics has NO place in criminal justice! kra

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Ken’s Comments:   If  you don’t think the firing of Mr. McCabe two days before his scheduled retirement was politically motivated, you don’t know what’s going on. For months, tRump has agitated for his dismissal. tRump’ lawyer recently called for an end to investigations regarding tRump. Just before the firing, the president’s spokeswoman called McCabe a”bad actor”! The only one telling us...

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End Immunity For The Dirty Prosecutor – Absolutely! kra

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Ken’s Comments:   As you know, having been a prosecutor, one of my pet peeves is bad ones! This article advocates what I have been saying for years; end their immunity! It’s simple: the job of the prosecutor is to be fair. We have seen too many gone amok, engaging in deliberate wrongdoing, and they must be held accountable! Nobody is above the law! This article mentions Bar Association discipline as a possible solution, but...

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Bronx DA’s office overrun with sex, booze and fights, employee says – Just Dandy! kra

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Ken’s Comments: It is outrageous enough that we so much misconduct by prosecutors in their official duties; now we have all this “extra curricula” misconduct! Could it be because the are almost never held accountable for any wrongdoing? Of course!   Excerpts from the Article:   The Bronx District Attorney’s office is a cesspool of on-duty sex, swinging margarita-soaked parties and rampant prosecutorial misconduct, a...

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Criminal Justice Reform Will Never Happen If We Defer to Prosecutors, Experts Say – Correct! kra

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Ken’s Comments: This excellent William and Mary Law Review article hits the nail on the head. In fact, many, many prosecutors seek to obstruct common sense needed reforms. READ Prosecutors Are Banding Together to Prevent Criminal-Justice Reform A new investigation shows that DA associations are thwarting changes to the death penalty, sentencing, and more. Outrageous! kra Sessions: Prosecutors Are Banding Together to Prevent...

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