Acosta Defends His Role in Brokering Jeffrey Epstein Plea Deal – What a Load of B S! – With Letter to the Editor – kra

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To the untrained ear, Acosta’s hour-long defense of his handling of the Epstein case may have seemed to make sense. To any good attorney familiar with state and federal criminal law, it obviously was a crock of shit!  He was and is trying to protect tRump from …. what?!… tRump’s involvement in the rapes and debauchery.  Let us briefly address what he said: There weren’t enough victim witnesses to convict at trial. ...

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GREETING TO NEW INTERNET CONNECTIONS! Information everyone should know! – kra

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This is what I send to most (I don’t have time to get it to all of them) new internet connections, on MeWe, LinkedIn, etc.  Greetings: Thanks for connecting. You may want to subscribe to our weekly eNewsletter. Check out our website, loaded with useful (Enter “Practical Tip” in search bar!) and important information you will not see elsewhere! Should you or any of your connections ever have any questions about any of these articles or...

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Illegal tactics used to force confessions from California prisoners, ACLU alleges – Widespread Crimes – WHY are they not prosecuted? kra

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Ken’s Comments:   What is a word stronger than “outrageous”? Horrific? Despicable? Those responsible for this entrenched system to violate rights should be imprisoned! AGAIN, where is the U S Attorney – the feds? Not everyone has a famous star like Bob Dylan to tell their story, as Rubin Carter did!   Excerpts from the Article:   Prosecutors and sheriff’s deputies in California’s Orange County used...

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Protecting Drug Dealers, Outing Police Informants – What a Creep! kra

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Ken’s Comments:   Using his power to get sexual favors; yeah baby, why not?! Seriously, this rat now faces 21 serious charges, and if justice is served the sentence will be a long prison term. One huge consequence of his conduct is the undermining of trust in the system, already at an all time low!   The Whole Story:   Bedford County District Attorney William Higgins has been charged in connection with allegedly sabotaging...

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Do Conviction Integrity Units Work? I suspected they would NOT. kra

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Ken’s Comments:   The system is such a mess that prosecutors in 35 states now have people review claims of wrongful conviction! To learn the many reasons for wrongful convictions, read articles on this website like John Grisham: Eight reasons for America’s shameful number of wrongful convictions    Excerpts from the Article:   In May 1988 on the south side of Chicago, a video store caught fire in the middle of the...

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