‘Thousands of cases’ tainted by evidence mishandling by California deputies, attorney says

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Yes, this is one huge, disastrous consequence of bad cops, bad prosecutors, and otherwise tainted evidence, and it is another reason for YOU to raise hell about it! Excerpts from the Article: Disastrous. That’s what one attorney is calling the rapidly growing evidence scandal that has swept the Orange County Sheriff’s Department and that threatens to alter the criminal justice landscape in one of California’s largest counties. The ramifications...

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Opioid crisis leaves Americans seeking alternative options for pain relief – and how doctors were prosecuted! – kra

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This is an interesting reminder of the abject failure of our War on Drugs  … opioids everywhere.  But this article discusses the fast growing alternatives to pain pills, holistic medicine, with treatments like message and meditation, acupuncture hypnotism, and more. There has been an interesting and awful consequence of this, and I am now helping some physicians who were doing just this – practicing  holistic medicine. I won’t...

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Falsely Imprisoned for 23 Years: Now He’s Received $7 Million

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I have written about this guy before, acknowledging his road to redemption. But would you accept an offer of $7 million to spend decades in prison? Of course not!  We MUST end prosecutor misconduct and we must end wrongful convictions. See many articles on this website on how that can be accomplished, not the least of which is ending the war on drugs! READ How The War on Drugs Destroyed Justice: How the “War on Drugs” has Destroyed...

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DEFENDING THE CONVICTION INTEGRITY UNIT IN ST. LOUIS – Of last year’s exonerations, 107 involved official misconduct, 111 included perjury or false accusations, and 31 were based at least in part on mistaken eyewitness identifications. – kra

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Yes, the system is so fucked up that more than 40 prosecutors offices now have conviction integrity units!  Many more, at the city, county and state levels, SHOULD have them. Excerpts from the Article: In the past 30 years, exonerations have freed people who have collectively spent over 20,000 years in prison due to wrongful convictions. Since 1989, more than 2,400 people have been exonerated. This year alone, there have been 80 exonerations so...

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Wrongly Convicted, They Had to Choose: Freedom or Restitution Prosecutors are adopting strategies to keep from having to pay for mistakes. – With Letter to the Editor – kra

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This bullshit is really OUTRAGEOUS.  I was a prosecutor, and when I had ANY doubt about a defendant’s guilt, I dropped the charges.   READ THIS, AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS TO SOME OF THE THOUSANDS OF INNOCENT PEOPLE IN PRISON IN AMERICA. Prosecutors tell innocent defendants that they will be freed if they plead guilty to a lesser charge; if they do not they will be retried, which could mean many more years of prison.  Some prosecutors say these...

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