Plea Bargaining: Prosecutors Leave Trail of Injustice When Playing Hardball with Defendants – As I Know All Too Well – kra

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This lengthy article discusses most of the evils of plea bargaining. See some of my other articles. READ Rush to Sentence It is so extensive that I am forced to omit a lot of it in editing. You should take 15 minutes to read the whole article to get an idea of the immense power wielded by prosecutors, the many, many injustices entailed in many plea bargains! Excerpts from the Article: To fight against government tyranny in the criminal justice...

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Late Evidence Clears Innocent Man and Reveals Prosecutor Misconduct

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Thanks to my good friend and great trial lawyer, Steve Hampton, who sent me this article. I was a prosecutor, and prosecutors like this one ought to be shot!   Excerpts from the Article: A Texas man who spent nearly 10 years on death row was actually innocent of the double murder that sent him to prison, a Houston prosecutor announced at a press conference Friday. Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg said phone records never turned over...

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Access to Documents concerning Inmate Deaths – Death Certificate and Medical Examiner’s Report – kra

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Updated 1/2/19  Here is the newspaper article regarding this issue. I am disappointed that they did not print my proposed solution to the problem, but they did quote me correctly toward the end of the article. Let me remind you that I am the only “Advocate” mentioned who has actually seen the chaos inside our prisons!   Advocates question state’s autopsy reporting policy for prisoners  – Front page article in the Delaware...

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Hazing, Humiliation, Terror: Working While Female in Federal Prison Inmates expose themselves and threaten rape. Male guards let them do it. Women who complain are ‘pretty much blackballed.’

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Again, nothing here which is news to me, but the article does highlight problems female C Os encounter, just one aspect of the abuses so rampant in America’s prisons, state and federal. The sex abuse is rampant, flat out outrageous, and WHO do you think pays for this sort of stuff?! YOU DO! A few hospitals or schools could be built with the money here wasted!  … “In 2017, the Bureau of Prisons agreed to pay $20 million to...

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Selfie saves innocent man facing 99 years behind bars – Damn stupid prosecutor! kra

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Christopher Precopia is an elderly black man. You think this would have happened if he were white?!  I do not.  This article shows: How fragile “justice” is in today’s America. What an idiot the prosecutor was. He should have a) never brought the case, or, at least, b) dropped the charges in a matter of hours once he saw the photo! The accuser should be prosecuted for falsely reporting a crime. That is a felony in every state....

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