Prosecutor quits over relationship in assault case – Quit? He Should Have Been Fired! – kra

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Quit? He Should Have Been Fired and escorted out of the building with his little dingle dangle super glued to his belly! I was a prosecutor, had several similar temptations, and did not do what I knew quite clearly would have been improper. There is no excuse for this guy’s behavior. The state Bar should suspend him immediately, pending the outcome of the police investigation. Excerpts from the Article: A state prosecutor has resigned...

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Maryland lawmakers urge compensating wrongly incarcerated – And I say Add This Doubling it Feature! – kra

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Now 33 states and the Federal government have some form of compensation law for the wrongfully convicted. Every state should. In my view, one cannot put a price on the harm done, but the compensation should be significant. And I say that if it is found that a bad cop, a bad prosecutor, or a bad judge … or any other government official … has been the cause for wrongful incarceration, THE COMPENSATION SHOULD DOUBLE! There is NO excuse...

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Federal judge holds Kansas City, Kansas, U.S. Attorney’s Office in contempt of court – Good! – kra

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As a former prosecutor, to me there is nothing worse than a bad one!  Too often prosecutors fail to see that their job is to be FAIR, not just to get convictions. Note that this behavior gives hundreds of inmates good grounds to attack their convictions, and many guilty ones may go free. Every prosecutor involved should be disbarred, nothing less. Excerpts from the Article: A federal judge in a scathing order this week held the U.S. Attorney’s...

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Two ex-prosecutors’ law licenses suspended for covering up St. Louis police beating – Disbar and Prosecute Them! – kra

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Nothing worse than a bad prosecutor! They are the most powerful people in the system, and at ALL times should be honest and fair   … not try to cover for bad cops!  I know because I enjoyed 5 years as a prosecutor. Excerpts from the Article: The Missouri Supreme Court on Tuesday suspended the law licenses of two former St. Louis prosecutors for covering up a police beating of a handcuffed suspect in 2014. In a unanimous opinion, the court...

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CPI Calls on Barr to Be Fair and Impartial

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Below we see that our friends at the Center for Prosecutor Integrity are calling on A G Barr to change some unfair DOJ practices. I just don’t get it – how some prosecutors think! I was one for 5 years, and from day 1 I knew that my job was to be fair, not just to convict! PRESS RELEASE Contact: Rebecca Stewart Telephone: 513-479-3335 Email: CPI Calls on Attorney General Barr to Cease Promotion of...

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