Study on solitary confinement makes a tragic case for restricting it in the U.S. People held in solitary confinement were 127 percent more likely to die from opioid overdose.

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I was placed in isolation cells for 1,510 days. I saw many men go mad. “Thank you,God, for my strong spirit”! YOU should read: It’s not about What They Did to Me – Prison Abuse It’s not about What They Did to Me -Prison Abuse What these studies don’t tell you is that the isolation cells are used improperly and illegally very often by mean-spirited guards to shut up or punish inmates who try to complain about...

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More Fucking Outrageous Injustice!

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  Rough day already! Carpe Diem!  10/2/19 … I did not sleep well when my friend, X, told me what happened in court yesterday. A guy I was helping by phone and email got screwed yesterday. Long story short: He was on trial in MO for the past two days and he had a PD who did NOTHING. He is, in fact innocent, yet was convicted of all 3 charges. He clutched on the stand and did not say what I had advised him to say, and his PD was...

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Purdue Pharma files for bankruptcy in the US – LOCK THEM UP! – kra

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And the filing should be examined closely for fraudulent transfers of money out of the company. The greedy ratbastard Sackler may have drained billions of $$$$ from the company b4 the filing. SOME COMPANY EXECUTIVES SHOULD BE IMPRISONED! Excerpts from the Article: The company’s board approved the Chapter 11 filing on Sunday. The move is designed in part to resolve more than 2,000 lawsuits filed against Purdue over its alleged role in the...

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America’s Jails Are Pretending the Opioid Crisis Doesn’t Exist Correctional facilities refuse to provide medically assisted treatment for opioid withdrawal and people are dying at alarming rates as a result.

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Another article which reminds me of the many times I SAW guards walk right by the cell of someone who clearly was in agony, ignoring his requests to get to the infirmary, and laughing as they strolled on.  I really must devote more time to writing my book; it is such a slow process, but I do think it will raise a bit of a ruckus when published. Excerpts from the Article: When Matthew Herring was arrested in 2016 for a probation violation and...

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Bill would ban Michigan from housing inmates in private prisons – Good move! – kra

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If you know anything about our criminal justice system you know that, second only to the “war on drugs”, the privatization of it is the worst calamity to befall justice in America! See the comments by our friend, Alex Friedmann, associate director of the Human Rights Defense Center. Excerpts from the Article: The state of Michigan would be prohibited from housing its inmates in private prisons under a bill filed by state Sen. Jeff...

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