Doctors in five states charged with prescribing pain killers for cash, sex

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So you tell me, how is our “war on drugs” going?  Withe record overdose deaths each year, the answer is clear: It is the disaster it always has been.  READ How the War on Drugs has Destroyed Justice These doctors  should be prosecuted vigorously and incarcerated if convicted! Excerpts from the Article: Dozens of medical professionals in five states were charged Wednesday with participating in the illegal prescribing of more than 32...

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$4.75 Million Settlement for Pennsylvania Teenager’s Withdrawal Death in Jail

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I have read scores of articles about these deaths caused by prisons failing to treat addicts in withdrawal, and in many of them, the cover up is as criminal as the medical neglect. While I was in, I heard the jackass guards say hundreds of times “we stick together”.  And they do, with their cover ups.  READ Culture of Cover Up – Prison Abuse There is NO reason this 18-year-old girl should have died! Excerpts from the Article:...

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Sussex chiefs’ group eyes alternatives to incarceration in addiction, mental cases – Good Move – kra

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They are understanding that the “tough on crime” methods do not reduce crime. Every department should establish and actively promote the Angel Program, like Dover P D and a couple of other departments have done. Publicize the fact that addicts can turn themselves in to police, no questions will be asked, and free treatment – outpatient, not locked up – will be provided immediately. READ Dover police start Angel program...

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Arrest Trends – An EXCELLENT Summary!

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This report by the Vera Institute is extensive and thorough. You need to open the link and check it out! Topics include: Arrests How many arrests are made annually, and for what? Demographics How do arrest trends vary across demographic groups? Clearance Rates How successful are the police at solving crimes? Victimizations How common are victimizations, and to whom are they reported? Data Reported What gaps exist in policing data and why? The...

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Want to change addiction in Delaware? Experts say start with state prisons

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The comments by Commissioner Phelps would be hilarious if the subject were not so serious! He makes no mention of what we all know, and all studies show: the main source of illegal drugs in prison is guards smuggling them in … because he will not admit that his agency is OUT OF CONTROL! Lt. Gov. Bethany Hall Long and Rep. Melissa Minor-Brown get it, but few other state officials – prison administrators and legislators – do!...

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