Opioid crisis leaves Americans seeking alternative options for pain relief – and how doctors were prosecuted! – kra

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This is an interesting reminder of the abject failure of our War on Drugs  … opioids everywhere.  But this article discusses the fast growing alternatives to pain pills, holistic medicine, with treatments like message and meditation, acupuncture hypnotism, and more. There has been an interesting and awful consequence of this, and I am now helping some physicians who were doing just this – practicing  holistic medicine. I won’t...

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Federal addiction treatment dollars off-limits for marijuana

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This is another problem posed by the federal criminalization of marijuana. Many experts say pot can help beat opioid addiction, and all scientists agree pot is preferable to opioids for pain treatment. Excerpts from the Article: The U.S. government is barring federal dollars meant for opioid addiction treatment to be used on medical marijuana. The move is aimed at states that allow marijuana for medical uses, particularly those letting patients...

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Biden, lone top 2020 Democrat to oppose federal marijuana legalization, cites ‘gateway drug’ concern – With Letter to Editor – kra PUBLISHED

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UPDATE:  My Letter was PUBLISHED on page 4 of the Delaware State News of 11/25/19. ……………. Wow. He lost my vote! I have known Joe Biden since we both were young lawyers in Delaware in the ’70s, and I used to think he’d be ok for president, with all the experience he got as Obama’s VP. Not anymore.  He says that his concern is that marijuana needs more research because he thinks it a “gateway...

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Support the Delaware ACLU – and the ACLU in YOUR Area! – kra

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All of these are good ideas, and badly needed to curb injustice.   Just Announced: 2020 Legislative Priorities for the Coalition for Smart Justice We made historic progress in criminal justice reform this year. From expanding access to second chances to reforming the drug code and more, there’s a lot to be proud of! But our work isn’t done yet. You helped us get this far, so we wanted you to be the first to know about our...

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Oklahoma Set to Release 462 Inmates Monday in Largest-Ever Single-Day U.S. Mass Commutation – Grrrrrreat! – kra

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ALL states should be doing this, for it will greatly reduce prison costs, and make us safer!  Voters approved a state question in 2016 that made simple drug possession and low-level property crimes misdemeanors instead of felonies. Stitt signed a bill earlier this year that applied those sentences retroactively. And there need not be a public vote! The Governor’s office can take the initiative and make it happen! Excerpts from the...

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