Open Letter to our Attorney General – Legalize All Drugs – PUBLISHED on 2-9-21 AND on 2-16-21! Oregon just did.

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This Letter to the Editor was PUBLISHED today, 2/9/21 on page A 6 of  our state’s largest paper, the Wilmington News Journal! And on page A 4 of The Delaware State News of 2-16-21, the second-largest paper in our state.  🙂    An Open Letter to our Attorney General 2/6/21 My friend, and a friend to anyone interested in justice, Kathy Jennings, is Delaware’s Attorney General, and she is doing a fine job. However, I have a...

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Editorial Submission – Save Your Loved Ones! – 12/17/20 – Get Narcan – kra

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  Editorial Submission – Save Your Loved Ones! – 12/17/20 In the course of the work I do, I counsel many, many addicts. All too often I console someone who has lost a friend or family member to addiction. During the pandemic, the use of drugs has increased. Addiction has skyrocketed. Overdose deaths are increasing too. This is no surprise, because the main reason why most people turn to drugs and/or alcohol is to bury/evade/escape some...

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This Addiction Treatment Works. Why Is It So Underused? – GREAT! – kra Do What WORKS! – KRA

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There are soooooooo many programs which do NOT work, this is great news and should be expanded.  I shall write a letter to the editor encouraging that when I get time! Excerpts from the Article: Steven Kelty had been addicted to crack cocaine for 32 years when he tried a different kind of treatment last year, one so basic in concept that he was skeptical. He would come to a clinic twice a week to provide a urine sample, and if it was free of...

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ABA report captures impact of privatization of fees on the poor

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My good friend and great lawyer, Steve Hampton, sent me this article.  Second only to “the war on drugs”, privatization is the worst thing to happen to our criminal justice system. Excerpts from the Article: Hefty fees for services such as drug testing and electronic monitoring are weighing down low-income people moving through the criminal justice system, according to a report by the American Bar Association. The report,...

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Project links pediatricians, child psychiatrists

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PART OF MY JOB IS TO EDUCATE FOLKS. KIDS WITH MH ISSUES ARE FAR MORE LIKELY TO ENCOUNTER THE CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM. THIS WILL HELP PREVENT THAT. Lord knows there is a huge need for more of this. With all of the stress brought on by the pandemic, kids need this more than ever. The mental health of all Americans is largely ignored, with many having undiagnosed illnesses. It was tough enough on kids b4 the pandemic; I have given numerous talks...

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