There’s No Rational Way to Justify America’s Drug Laws – Of Course Not – kra

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This article reminds us that there is more racism [plenty] than science [virtually none] behind our “war on drugs”. This image really tells the story of the insanity we call the “war on drugs”: Excerpts from the Article:   In 2013, CNN’s medical correspondent, Sanjay Gupta, offered a rare public apology. He admitted that he was wrong about medical marijuana and had been “too dismissive” of patients’ claims about its...

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Daily Caller Investigation Lays Opiate Crisis at Feet of DEA

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Was (is?)the left hand ever increasingly poisoning us with opioids so that the right hand can stay employed? Or were they really that stupid! Here is an example of what was, at best, gross negligence and incompetence: “the DEA “has been issuing controlled substance licenses to drug dealers, drug addicts, convicted felons and dead people, which is just one of the many things that [have] fueled the current crisis.” “Apparently the...

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Putin is an absolute Genius!- tRump – kra

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Folks, I post anti tRump information here because he is a disaster for any criminal justice reform. If constructive change must come, he must go! So here are a couple of reminders:   I am dead serious when I say that Vladimir Putin is either the smartest man on the planet or the luckiest! Who would have thought that the foundations of American democracy could be so badly damaged, that trust in our most valuable institutions – the...

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Introduction to new connections on LinkedIn – kra – GREAT INFORMATION!

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Greetings: Thanks for connecting on LinkedIn. You may want to subscribe to our weekly eNewsletter. Check out our website, loaded with useful (Enter “Practical Tip” in search bar!) and important information you will not see elsewhere! To learn a little about my credentials/experience, click on “Board Members” on our website. Should you or any of your connections ever have any questions about any of these articles or about any problem...

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New Virginia Law Requires Oversight of Jail Deaths

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Ken’s Comments:   Even with a law like this, it is highly unlikely that the truth will emerge about prison deaths. If you have not seen personally what goes on in prison, READ  Culture of Cover UP! Hold the horses! The BOC is overseeing the jails – that’s the fox guarding the henhouse! HERE is the only solution to prison abuse!    Excerpts from the Article:   As of May 2018, Virginia’s Board of Corrections (BOC)...

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