Smyrna Police Department adds mental health clinician to patrols – Great news! With Letter to the Editor – kra

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While most “clinicians” are not well-trained, the mere presence of this person will heighten awareness of these serious problems and help officers how best to respond. i. e. Do NOT shoot first and ask questions later! Such policies will not only aid the public, but also will reduce the risk to police officers in some of their “strange encounters”! Of course, eliminating the “war on drugs”, the root cause of...

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High court likely to say states can’t levy excessive fines

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This could be of tremendous importance, given the number of seizures by police in recent years. Did you know that in 2014 the police “stole”* more cash and property than was taken in all reported burglaries combined!? The bottom line for the whole system is that courts and the law should be FAIR.  Now it seems the Court will add the “Excessive Fines” to the Due Process clause of the Constitution to (there’s more...

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Eight Keys to Mercy: How to shorten excessive prison sentences – Comprehensive Study/Report – kra

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Lots of studies and reports clutter the landscape of criminal justice reform where bold, simple laws are needed! This comprehensive (long) article reflects the degree to which justice now is elusive, not routine, in the system, and it discusses many possible improvements. IF YOU HAVE A SERIOUS INTEREST IN CRIMINAL JUSTICE REFORM READ IT; IF NOT SKIP IT, FOR YOU ARE LIKELY TO GET BOGGED DOWN AND CONFUSED! Having been immersed in all of these...

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Family of 18-year-old who died in Lebanon County Prison awarded $4.75 million in settlement – YOUR tax money! – kra

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Four Points for Outrage in this short article: Her death was preventable, had the prison health care staff only done what they are required by law to do: provide reasonable care. This cost YOU at least $5 Million, maybe closer to $6 million. The way these cases work, YOU pay for all of the litigation, all the lawyers, the judge, etc…. CALL me and I’ll be glad to explain. $5 Million is a drop in the bucket of money wasted in cases...

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How ‘Underground Justice’ Has Failed Americans – “Plea Mediators”, a great idea! – kra

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I enjoyed 5 years as a prosecutor, and I am appalled by so many of today’s prosecutors. They are the most powerful component of our criminal justice system, and so many lack common sense and an understanding of “fairness”. Maybe that’s why so many results in today’s courts make little sense and are unfair.  I have written on all of the ills mentioned by professor Kelly: stacking charges, rush to sentence, etc.  I...

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