Spotlight on Oklahoma for start of trial for opioid makers – Yay! kra – With Letter to the Editor – PUBLISHED 5/30/19

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For years I have called for these people to be held accountable! Pray that the attorneys suing these S O Bs win BILLIONS of dollars, to send a very clear message: you killed thousands of our children, and we will not stand silent! Excerpts from the Article:  Oklahoma is poised to become the first state to go to trial in a lawsuit against the makers of pharmaceuticals blamed for contributing to the nation’s opioid crisis. Although several...

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NJ marijuana legalization: Would legal weed bill stop cops from searching based on smell? – GREAT idea! – kra

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This is a great idea; fantastic, super-duper, and fabulous, all in one! The law to legalize Pot in N J is still pending, but this provision of it is terrific! Keep in mind: despite the growing wave of legalization of Pot, thousands of people still are arrested for possession annually in every state, and even an arrest without conviction, can destroy one’s life. 99 percent of marijuana busts in New Jersey start with an officer reporting...

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Prison contractor falsified records to conceal inadequate addiction treatment, sources say – No Surprise to Me! – With Letter to Editor – kra

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This kind of behavior is exactly what I saw and have been complaining about for years.  The f#%@#$g contractors submit a program which looks good on paper, get the deal, worth tens of millions of dollars, and then do damn near nothing. I SAW it, day in and day out. Like so many good articles, this one is lengthy. For many more examples, and a better understanding of the depth of the fraud, click on The Whole Story. I am sending this article to...

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Unlicensed Interns to Perform Psych Tests on Utah Prisoners – Absurd! – kra

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As you know, I get calls daily from inmates, probationers, and their families about these “counselors. READ We Need to Know! – So called “counselors” are, in fact, too often mean spirited little bullies, just like prison guards – kra   This idea is a disaster and a mountain of lawsuits waiting to happen! Excerpts from the Article: According to October 2018 news reports, Utah’s Department of Corrections wants to pay...

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Let’s address recidivism realistically – We are making a difference- kra With letter to Inmate – kra

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As soon as I saw this, I knew this guy had read my Editorial piece. Sure enough, he thanks me and Steve Hampton, Esq. toward the end of his Commentary.  My email going to Steve Hampton within 15 minutes: Steve, Check it out.  I shall be writing to this inmate within 48 hours (I got his S B I # from our friend Lori with Link of Love) to thank him for his Commentary, and to encourage him to keep it up and to tell more inmates to speak out in...

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