In landmark move, L.A. County will replace Men’s Central Jail with mental health hospital for inmates

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Mental Health experts and many others have been calling for moves like this for decades. It’s just common sense, but it is about time that this is happening in L A County!  Surely other counties and states – we pray – will follow this lead. It remains unclear whether the plan will result in an effective treatment facility or “a jail with a bow on it”, and we shall see the answer to that in coming months and years....

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Feds Bust Prison Consulting Firm – GOOD! – kra

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There are too many of these assholes praying upon desperate inmates and their family members. ALL should be prosecuted. The real harm they are doing with this scheme is cheating a real addict out of possible help. Note: the RDAP program mentioned here is one of only a handful of prison treatment programs with any evidence of success! Excerpts from the Article: The prison consulting business has been plagued by gimmicks and false promises. Now a...

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US border agency says it’s made biggest-ever fentanyl bust

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That’s nice, but will it save lives? Maybe 1 or 2, but any addict who wants it still can buy it on any of dozens of street corners in every city in America!  WHEN will politicians understand the lunacy of our ” war on drugs” and end it!?   Excerpts from the Article; U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials announced Thursday their biggest fentanyl bust ever, saying they captured nearly 254 pounds of the synthetic drug...

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2018 Called ‘High Point’ in Restoring Rights to Individuals with Criminal Records – It’s a Start – kra

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While there has been progress, there is soooooooo much more to do! Why not automatically immediately restore voting rights to all convicted felons?! Although Florida voters approved this measure, politicians there still are fucking around with “regulations” to make voting difficult!  Why not automatically immediately grant a Pardon to and restore all rights to anyone convicted of possession of Pot in states where Pot now is legal?!...

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Beware of the Backlash Against Reform Prosecutors

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She deserves some sort of “Prosecutor’s Medal of Honor”! As the most powerful element of the criminal justice system, prosecutors are poised to do the most good in terms of needed changes. The pushback discussed here is no surprise to me. For ever 1 person arrested, 29 benefit financially, so much of the opposition comes from those trying to preserve their useless jobs! Excerpts from the Article: A month before Suffolk County...

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