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Ken’s Comments:   I urge you to support the ministry of my friend, Jeff Grant, if you can. He does a great job, and he has fully recovered from his disaster. There is much more about Jeff here, and I hope you will read it.   Excerpts:   He’d filled out the paperwork demonstrating that his law firm, Jeffrey D. Grant & Associates, had suffered economic hardship in the wake of 9/11, embellishing only a little to buttress...

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Attorney general wants $45 million more for at-risk kids – “A stitch in time …” kra With Letter to the Editor

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Ken’s Comments:   Matt Denn gets it – prevention is the best cure for many problems. Unfortunately, many of our lawmakers have shown that they do not understand this simple wisdom. They look for short term fixes and nice soundbites, rather than effective long term policy. ……… Letter to the Editor or Op Ed Submission – “A stitch in time … “ 2/16/18 I see that Attorney General Matt Denn is asking lawmakers to...

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How mass incarceration harms U.S. health, in 5 charts – You GOTTA See the Charts! kra

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Ken’s Comments:   This great report tells quite a tale. Take just a quick look at the charts/graphs, and be horrified!  Of course, the “cause of death” figures are not dependable, because prison officials often hide suicides and murders by staff with saying it was a different “cause of death”.  Doubt it? Ask anyone who knows!! Excerpts from the Article:   The U.S. incarcerates a higher percentage of its...

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A decade of promising to ‘get it right’ by Delaware prisons – And they are not even close! kra

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Ken’s Comments: Wow. I also said to the reporters what you see in my email below. Since not a word was said about the current lack of “health care”, it seems they still do not want to acknowledge the ugly truth. They quote academicians like Hamermesh, who may be a great law professor but has NO CLUE about what really goes on inside the prison! Gov. John Carney’s special assistant Claire DeMatteis is equally oblivious to...

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