All of these are good ideas, and badly needed to curb injustice.


Just Announced:

2020 Legislative Priorities for the Coalition for Smart Justice

We made historic progress in criminal justice reform this year. From expanding access to second chances to reforming the drug code and more, there’s a lot to be proud of! But our work isn’t done yet. You helped us get this far, so we wanted you to be the first to know about our priorities for the 2020 half of this legislative session.

Next year, we’ll be tackling these key issues:

Fines, Fees & Drivers’ License Suspensions

We want to end the criminalization of poverty that traps people in a punitive cycle by allowing the court to consider a person’s ability to pay court fines and fees, and ending the practice of automatic suspension of drivers’ licenses where someone is unable to pay.

Data Collection & Transparency – Collect and publish data to understand racial disparities, measure policy impacts and inform better policy choices.

Sentencing Reform – Eliminate most mandatory minimums and expand opportunities for sentence modification and early release.

Pretrial Reform –  Reduce the number of people in prison before they’ve been convicted of a crime and ensure fairness through the pre-trial process from arrest to trial.

Probation Reform – End the revolving door to prison by implementing post-release policies that promote success after incarceration.

Treating Children as Children – House all children in juvenile facilities and increase the minimum age at which children can be prosecuted criminally.

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We can’t wait to make more history with you as we continue to work toward our goal of ending mass incarceration and challenging the racial disparities in Delaware’s criminal justice system!

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