When I was learning the basics in law school – ’71 to ’73, never thinking I would become a “whiz bang” trial lawyer and then a fighter for underdogs, I joined the ACLU. At the time, many thought the ACLU was “a bunch of left wing nuts”. But the ACLU really has nothing to do with politics. They are a well organized, well funded, well lead group of attorneys and others who safeguard YOUR rights every day!  

Whether you are a “gun nut”, for more gun control, black, white, brown, male, female, healthy or mentally ill, young or old, fat or fit, hated or loved my many, the ACLU champions the precious rights which too many Americans take for granted!

In most countries, you cannot call the president “a dim-witted bumbling baboon” and expect to live or expect not be imprisoned.

In most countries, if you have been seriously harmed by ignorant prejudice, and you have do not have the resources to address it, you are S O L! It is the ACLU which, more than any other organization, protects the rights of everyone every day!

LEARN about the ACLU! = https://www.aclu.org/







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