M. Jane Brady,now head of Delaware’s Republican party, wrote an op ed in The Delaware State News. Here it is: 

Commentary: Separating facts from fiction in ‘impeachment inquiry’ 

I responded appropriately, with the email below which I sent to the paper.  I know Jane fairly well (we were about two feet apart in offices in the Attorney General’s office for many months, when we both were “young pups”… and she is a mediocre lawyer at best!), and she never was “the brightest bulb in the room”. She was elected A G only because she is female and there was a yearning for more women in power at that time. And she was a judge because she is Republican. In Delaware, although the U S Supreme Court may soon change this fact, politics is a consideration in appointing judges.


Speak OUT – What a load of BALONEY! – 10/4/19

I could type two full pages pointing out the misleading and just plain wrong statements made by Ms. M. Jane Brady in her recent “Commentary” about the impeachment of our criminal president. But I have much other work to do. It is maddening enough that she refers to “the unprecedented transparency” of Trump … a worn out talking point for his pathetic supporters. I too am a former prosecutor, and  … Wow! You call lying like hell at every turn, refusing to answer questions, and hiding his tax returns (THAT will be some indictments when they are seen!) “transparent”?! I am, again, “’boutapuke”! Sad to say that Ms. Brady is just another political hack.

Ken Abraham, former Deputy Attorney General, founder of Citizens for Criminal JUSTICE, Dover, DE 302-423-4067