I was a state employee for 6 years (1 as law clerk to the Supreme Court, and 5 as Deputy Attorney General, handling thousands of criminal cases, where I saw how lazy/incompetent too many government workers are. Since then, during the past 40 years, I have see great real personal harm done to many by too many such state and federal workers. Raise a little hell about it; they work for YOU


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Letter to the Editor – Why such a huge disconnect between pay and performance? 3/19/18

A recent news article reported that 1,700 employees of the state of Delaware each were paid more than $100,000 annually, and it listed the “top ten”. Five of those ten, each being paid nearly a quarter of a million dollars annually, are in the mental health/substance abuse field. So I wonder why it is that mental health care, as it is in most states, is still in a state of tremendous neglect, virtually nonexistent in our prisons, and that drugs still are such a scourge on society! Why is there such a huge disconnect between pay and performance?

We should be a bit less “top heavy” and implement laws and policies that work. Let us reward those who actually improve the lives those who are paying them: the citizens.

Ken Abraham, former Deputy Attorney General, founder of Citizens for Criminal JUSTICE, Dover, DE 302-423-4967


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3. Speak from your heart.
4. Google any facts you are not sure about.
5. Do not name-call.
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