Sound Off Delaware – Re-entry reforms needed in Delaware – Absolutely! 11/28/17 and/or Letter to the Editor

At least a few legislators get it. I have been “preaching” the need for and common sense benefits of meaningful reentry programs for years. The need is huge and the benefits obvious. So why do our legislators not jump on it? Because we have built a giant (and largely needless) machine of mass incarceration, and powerful financial forces … prison guard unions, police unions, private prisons, etc. pay legislators to prevent needed changes! Lobbying and campaign donations override the public good. Wise up, folks, and demand the needed changes. It is YOUR money being wasted, YOUR neighborhoods being decimated by crime.

Ken Abraham, Deputy Attorney General 1974-1979, founder of Citizens for Criminal JUSTICE, Dover, DE 302-423-4067

I get lots of letters published, and ghost write for others. THIS IS THE BEST WAY TO REACH THOUSANDS OF READERS! The keys to getting your Letter published are:
1. Keep it to 250 words or fewer.
2. Do not make it about “poor little old me”. Describe the problem as one which not only affects the individual, but is a senseless or ineffective measure, policy, or law which also harms communities and society. For example, with reentry, the obstacles make it unnecessarily difficult for the individual, but also harm society by making it hard to become productive, spending money and paying taxes in the community, and they cause increased recidivism = increased crime.
3. Speak from your heart.
4. Google any facts you are not sure about.
5. Do not name-call.
Do what works: Write that Letter!
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