Sometimes Bad turns into Good

Sometimes Bad turns into Good. Sometimes the government screws the wrong person, and that person decides to send a loud, clear, and courageous message: you have messed with the wrong monkey.

One such notable person is my friend Dr. Linda Cheek. She got into trouble for doing the right thing. She helped people get to the causes of their diseases and heal them without pharmaceuticals. Using prolotherapy and holistic medicine – acupuncture, auriculotherapy, natural medicine and cleansing, this caught on fast as her patients healed. She and doctors like her took so much business from “the powers that be” in her area, that those others, losing business, got her indicted and convicted of a federal crime. Sound bizarre? Well, it is true!

Linda is not being cowed into being quiet. She has started the organization you see on this T shirt! Support it! Buy products and contact Linda and the doctors she recommends to learn how YOU can be healthy without pills, pills, and more pills!

Linda has hired me to get her a Pardon. If you know anyone who needs a Pardon, have them CALL me at 302-423-4067. It will cost nothing for me to explain everything to them and answer any and all questions. Then they will have the invaluable information they need to get back on track.

Support Doctors of Courage, Folks!