Ken’s Comments:

Common sense? No; countless people in the criminal justice system are their own worst enemy – by blabbering.

The first thing I told every accused who called me was: do not discuss your case at all, even if you think what you say will help you! The smart ones followed my advice. If you are arrested, or even if you are an ex offender, do not talk about the facts of your case. No space nor time here to tell you the hundreds of ways I have seen “loose lips” lead to convictions or unnecessary hardship. Just do not talk about the situation; if you want to talk, call me at 302-423-4067 where everything remains confidential!



For me, the song mentioned herein sends a POWERFUL message/reminder! SO WATCH WHAT THE FUCK YOU SAY!

When I saw the image below, I was immediately reminded of the biggest mistake of my life, and thought I should share it:

In the mid ’80s I was a “Workamaniac” in Florida, running my fast growing businesses. When I saw the money rolling in I thought “do this for 5 years, and then retire, “with more money than God” … and I neglected my wife. I am ashamed to say it but it is true … I was not the friend I should have been. [Isn’t hindsight great!” 🙁 ] . So when she mentioned divorce, and our baby boy was only 1 year old, I was so distressed at the thought of losing daily contact with my son, Baxter, and. truth be told, of losing her [I did love her at the time] that I became angry and said things I did not mean.

The rest is history. She filed, we were divorced, and my life was changed forever. SO WATCH WHAT THE FUCK YOU SAY! 🙂

And I just took a minute to listen to “If I could Turn Back Time” by Cher. I still cry a little when I hear that song; for months, I used to ball like a baby every time when it played shortly after the separation/divorce. But, oh well, got it out of my system … moving on and making the best of life, though that was a tough, tough, time.

Since my drug crimes, my son is not talking to me.  But I have found him, and as soon as I can afford it I am going to go to him in CA. The worst he can say is “get lost, Dad”, but I don’t believe he will.  Time will tell.