Updated after a judicial nomination – At least this time the Doofus has nominated a judge who knows what a jury trial is. Yes, not long ago he nominated  another Doofus who was incredibly unqualified, had never had a trial, and could not explain to the Senate what a Motion in Limine is!

But the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh does not bode well for criminal justice reform, nor for anyone holding accountable a president who may commit crimes.

Here is the article on his nomination.


Ahoy, Matey!

Shiver me timbers! It is great to see so many of you Buccaneers sharing so much good information. However, we must board the Ship of State, and coerce them into meaningful criminal justice reform!

They have hornswoggled us long enough, with the useless “war on drugs”, mass incarceration, and “tough on crime” crap which does not work! We must give no quarter! Arrrrr! We must make injustice dance the hempen jig! For politicians who say “get tough on crime” … Blow the Man Down! Aye, Maties, sharpen your sabers, and dip thy pen in the ink. Write a Letter to the Editor! Show a Leg! Call for mandatory sentences to be sent to Davey Jones Locker! Demand that the “war on drugs” walk the plank! Aye, it is time to MUTINY, and let JUSTICE set sail! Arrr!


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