Sounds good. Will accomplish damn near nothing!

Anyone who knows what really goes on in Delaware D O C, and most prisons in the nation, knows that the overwhelming amount of CONTRABAND entering the facilities is brought in by D O C personnel, not visitors!

Articles like this one highlight the fact that officials refuse to acknowledge the heart of the problem: a state agency out of control – D O C!  This expenditure of nearly a million dollars of YOUR money will accomplish little  …. very little!

That lying fool, Geoff Klopp, head of the guards’ Union, does a great job of deflecting attention away from the FACT that many of the people he represents should be on the other side of the bars!  

Excerpts from the Article:

As the Delaware Department of Correction continues its drive to create a safer environment for those entering prison facilities and anyone held inside as well, correctional officers now have a new way to detect contraband.

An investment in Millimeter Wave technology whole-body image scanners will hopefully pay dividends in stopping attempts to bring illegal substances through the prison entrances. The system went live at James T. Vaughn Correctional Center on Tuesday and should be operational at all Level V facilities by next week, officials said.

Five scanners are located at prison gatehouse areas, DOC said, and four X-ray scanners are set for booking and receiving areas across four maximum security facilities. DOC Deputy Commissioner Monroe Hudson touted the ne w scanners as another tool to assure a more safe and secure environment within correctional facilities, joining a “very robust” security camera system, K-9 detection program, cell phone detection technology, “stringent” mailroom search protocols and the recently opened Intelligence Operations Center.

“Whether it’s drug contraband, dangerous weapons or devices intended to defeat security systems or aid in an escape attempt, they all present significant safety and security concerns for our people and our facilities,” he said.

“This technology will greatly enhance our proactive efforts to keep them out and to hold those who may try to introduce illegal contraband into our prisons accountable for their actions.”

According to Bureau of Prison Chief Shane Troxler, there have been 123 incidents involving contraband within correctional facilities since February 2019, most involving illegal substances such as K-2, heroin, fentanyl, marijuana and cocaine.

DOC Sgt. Walter Kiser, who oversaw implementation of the program, said officers can be trained to use the system in two-hour courses and receive educational support from manufacturer Nutech. Correctional Officers Union of Delaware President Geoff Klopp lobbied state legislators and Gov. John Carney to secure funding that wasn’t originally in the DOC’s requested Fiscal Year 2019 budget. DOC said that while $1 million was allocated, only $992,000 was actually spent to purchase the scanners.

“When we broke down exactly what the machine did and how it would really be life changing as far as contraband coming into the prison, it was relatively easy to get the General Assembly and governor’s office on board,” Mr. Klopp said. Also, Mr. Klopp said, “This is a great day for the Department of Correction and correctional officers. This will (hopefully make) the job a little easier but definitely more effective.

“It will be better for our visitors (and staff) and it will absolutely make the facility a safer place and it’s just wonderful to see the technological advancements that have come in the (DOC) in the last two years and we look forward to continuing that forward progress.”

The proposal for the project “shows how the department has changed,” Commissioner DeMatteis said.

“It came from officers and we put a sergeant (in charge) of it. This didn’t come from the top down and I think this is a model of how we are running this department.”

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Letter to the Editor or Op Ed Submission – Not Quite the Truth-

As prison reform advocates, we hear from inmates and their loved ones, and a few prison personnel who stay in touch with us, every week. Once again, we must write because we see truly misleading information being put out by D O C personnel.

They recently announced the purchase, at a cost of nearly 1 million of your tax dollars, of five new scanning devices, saying that it will greatly reduce the contraband entering our prisons. Drugs, cell phones, and other contraband enter daily, but these devices used to scan visitors will accomplish darn near nothing!

You see, as most D O C staff knows, and as anyone who knows what really happens in our prisons knows, more than 90% of ALL contraband is brought in by staff! Yes, smuggling of contraband is a lucrative way for corrupt staff to supplement their incomes, and those at the top do not want you to know it.

Demand a real, effective, outside investigation into this major problem.

Ken Abraham, former Deputy Attorney General, Dover, DE 302-423-4067
And Stephen Hampton, Esq, Dover, DE 302- 678- 1265


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