Only a dirty prosecutor is worse than a dirty cop. Whether planting evidence at a crime scene, or cheating on taxes, we should tolerate NO dirty cops.

Excerpts from the Article:


Saying she wanted to deter other tax-cheating cops, U.S. District Judge Catherine Blake sentenced former Baltimore Police Commissioner Darryl De Sousa on Friday to 10 months in federal prison for tax fraud.

De Sousa had pleaded guilty to three counts of failing to file federal tax returns. He also admitted to deliberately claiming tax deductions for a house he didn’t own, a business he didn’t run and job expenses he didn’t incur. “This is a sad day for you. It’s also a sad day for our city,” Blake told him. “This city needs a police force it can trust.

In addition, she handed down 100 hours of community service and one year of supervised release. De Sousa, 54, is expected to report to prison within six weeks.

His prison term marks the downfall of a man once trusted to answer Baltimore’s persistent street violence and scandal in the police ranks. Mayor Catherine Pugh appointed him the city’s top cop in January 2018; he resigned amid the tax charges four months later.

The case left city leaders answering questions about how carefully they vetted De Sousa before promoting him to Baltimore’s 40th police commissioner. He had served 30 years with the department and earned an annual salary of $210,000 when he stepped down. De Sousa stands to collect his routine pension, but that amount was not immediately known.

De Sousa defrauded the state and federal government of $67,587. He has since cashed in his retirement savings and paid all the money back, his attorney told the court.

Simply put, your honor, Darryl De Sousa is a tax cheat. This was not a simple mistake. This was not a misfiled form.

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