Hundreds of guards and inmates know perfectly well that “guards” smuggle in heroin, and much other contraband!

Two relatives of inmates and one guard have told me about this, and my friend Steve Hampton, Esq. has heard similar reports.

As Steve said in his email to me:

“Perhaps you remember a few months ago DOC was touting the new scanning devices they had installed to allow them to scan visitors. They were quite expensive if I recall. However almost all contraband such as drugs or cell phones comes in by correctional officers, or other prison staff. To my knowledge DOC is not using the new scanning devices on them.

This was a typical ploy by DOC in which they talk up the things they are doing to supposedly address problems, but ignore all of the things they should be doing but aren’t.

Yesterday there were two overdoses at Vaughn, and from what I’m hearing one of the men died. Have you heard about this? Really concerned for everyone that’s in there and is struggling with substance use issues because we know that there’s little to no treatment available.

Two inmates overdosed last night in the same building. Reportedly smuggled in by a CO. There aren’t any contract people-except Medical. They can’t blame it on visitors. Once again dirty CO’s. They are so easily corrupted and bribed by these guys, I know that they were given multiple rounds of Narcan, and I believe both went to the hospital.

No telling how much they got for it. Just another day in paradise.”

I still am trying to get facts I can put on the record.




In the paper the next day:,Department%20of%20Correction%20announced%20Thursday. = Inmate dies of suspected overdose at Smyrna prison