Letter to the Editor – Body Cameras Would Work Miracles! 1/31/16

I have seen what goes on in our prisons, and it is nothing short of a national disgrace. I would not have believed the extent of the rampant lawlessness by COs had I not seen it myself.
There is a move afoot to have body cameras on police officers – a great idea. But we should put body cameras on corrections officers, and impose stiff penalties if they are turned off or disabled during interactions with inmates! Wow; this would save a fortune in litigation costs! Because abusive officers are almost never held accountable for their outrageous wrongs – crimes in many instances- inmates have no real recourse but to sue. Many of them file valid lawsuits; just check the court dockets.
With appropriate policies – penalties with teeth for any instance of the images mysteriously disappearing (as they do with many lawsuits where video was taken, but suddenly is not available at trial!) our prisons would be vastly improved.
I have no doubt whatsoever that the savings would far outweigh the costs, were COs required to wear body cameras 24/7!
Ken Abraham, Deputy Attorney General 1974-1979, President of Citizens for Criminal Justice, Dover, DE 302-423-4067.