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No surprise to me; these agencies are out of control nationwide! I get calls every day from families harmed by their conduct!  READ Practical Tip – You must do this if you get a call or a visit from CPS! The Fight CPS HANDBOOK  



 Excerpts from the Article:

The Joliet office of the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services offered gift cards to workers closing the most cases just months before a missing 1-year-old girl’s body was found under a couch in a home, a report Saturday said. The Chicago Tribune reported the existence of the contest a day after the department released a report reviewing its actions leading up to the death of 1-year-old Semaj Crosby. The toddler was found dead April 26 in a Joliet Township home shortly after DCFS closed an investigation into whether she was being neglected.

The contest that began in January awarded $100 gift cards to the two workers who closed the most cases within a month, the report said. The third place winner received a $50 gift card.

It’s unclear whether any of the winners were involved in DCFS inquiries at Semaj’s home.


State Rep. Mary Flowers, a Chicago Democrat who has chaired a recent legislative hearing on DCFS investigations, called the contest “unethical.” She called for the agency’s inspector general to conduct an immediate investigation into the contest, including the children and families who were affected by cases that may have been closed prematurely.

“Children’s lives could have been put at risk because of this bad behavior,” Flowers said. “This is not a game.”


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