Folks, I post anti tRump information here because he is a disaster for any criminal justice reform.

If constructive change must come, he must go!

So here are a couple of reminders:


  1. I am dead serious when I say that Vladimir Putin is either the smartest man on the planet or the luckiest!

Who would have thought that the foundations of American democracy could be so badly damaged, that trust in our most valuable institutions – the ones needed to keep us safe, like the FBI and the Intelligence agencies – could be so deeply eroded, that significant economic turmoil could arise, that vast swaths of the American populace could be convinced to believe in a man who is a humongous pathological liar, that America’s reputation on the world stage could be mortally wounded … all by simply getting Donald tRump elected as president?!


2.  I remind you that November will be here soon. One of the surest and fastest way to prevent further damage to our nation, and to undo some that has been done, is to VOTE in the 2018 mid-term elections! We must send a loud and clear message by voting out of office EVERY politician who has not vehemently, vocally, actively opposed tRump and his malicious, useless, cruel, ineffective policies and his other idiotic, immoral, unethical, and dishonest conduct!


3.   He has now announced that the White House will no longer release summaries of his talks with world leaders. Remember that incredibly embarrassing call he had with the president of Mexico about the wall – the one where it actually was recorded?!

With each passing day, each passing week, the nincompoop known as Donald tRump, America’s temporary president, proves again that he is:

out of control
out of his league
out of his mind
out of touch with reality
we need him to be just plain OUT! 🙂

I post anti Trump comments because all responsible citizens have a duty to do so! And I shall give the nitwits who respond in his defense, the mindless morons who support him, exactly the amount of my time they are worth: NONE. I shall not respond at all to their idiotic, hateful, racist, comments.