As I predicted, and as I strongly suggested to AG Kathy Jennings, the State of Delaware has given up on trying more inmates in connection with the death of a C O during the uprising 28 months ago. As I have maintained: The fact is that they do not know who killed that C O!

My good friend, and great lawyer, Stephen Hampton, Esq., just sent me the news. 🙂   His class action lawsuit against more than 100 prison officials, on behalf of more than 90 inmates horribly abused in the aftermath of the riot (beaten for no reason, denied medical care …. and the list goes on) moves forward. As Steve Hampton says: “More than two years after the criminal retaliations, where is THAT investigation?!” 

Of course, the uprising occurred because of years of abuse, with no C Os being held accountable. Maybe now prosecutors can focus on doing some of that: holding accountable the criminals in uniform!  READ How to avoid the deaths of prison guards and inmates

Steve Hampton was on WBOC TV tonight with comments, but I cannot find that video. Here is the report: 


Human Rights and Human Wrongs.

Excerpts from the Article:

Prosecutors will press no further charges after a series of trial losses against inmates accused in deadly rioting at Delaware’s maximum-security prison in 2017. The state attorney general’s office said Wednesday that prosecutors have notified court officials that they will not move forward with any other pending charges in connection with the February 2017 riot, during which a guard was killed and other staffers taken hostage.

The decision comes less than three weeks after a former inmate accused of leading the riot was acquitted on charges of murder, assault, kidnapping, riot and conspiracy.

Two previous trials against seven other inmates yielded just one murder conviction, prompting prosecutors to drop charges against several others.

Eighteen inmates were charged in the riot, with 16 accused of murder in guard Steven Floyd’s death.

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