The only thing worse than police misconduct is prosecutor misconduct. This shit seriously erodes confidence in the police.  🙁 

Excerpts from the Article:

On March 24, 2020, Darell Chancellor and Darrell Richmond were ordered to be released from prison by a Wayne County, Michigan district judge who vacated their drug convictions. Chancellor had served nearly eight years, Richmond almost a year, before being freed through exoneration judgments.

Wayne County prosecutor Kym Worthy went on record stating, “These are the first cases that deal directly with fraudulent search warrant affidavits and other activities by highly unethical and compromised narcotics officers.” The narc who is responsible for these first of many expected exonerations is still employed by the Detroit Police Department (DPD) and is under investigation by its Internal Affairs Division (IAD). The probe is part of a wider investigation of the entire narcotics division in which the state police and FBI have joined.

Former DPD narc and current federal felon Michael Mosley presented false information regarding Richmond’s case. Mosley pleaded guilty in February 2020 before a federal judge to taking $15,000 in bribe money from a drug dealer. Mosley’s crimes led to the IAD raiding the narcotics division and seizing 50 computers and scores of case files.

DPD Chief James Craig admitted to the ongoing investigation uncovering a plethora of corruption in the narcotics division. Specifically named crimes are narcs planting evidence, robbing narcotics dealers, embezzling money and lying to prosecutors in affidavits they submitted to obtain search warrants. So far, information from the seized items have unearthed “about a half dozen possible false [search warrant] affidavits,” stated DPD Professional Standards Section spokesman Christopher Graveline.

While not explicitly stating it, Graveline’s remarks implied he expects more to come as the investigation progresses. And Worthy stated, “We expect there will be more,” and added “I will not hesitate to free other wrongfully convicted individuals if we find tainted or fraudulent evidence.”

Defense attorney Gabi Silver represented Chancellor and Richmond. Silver lauded Worthy and other Wayne County prosecutors for their part in freeing her clients. “What’s remarkable here is that Kym Worthy and Val Neuman (who heads the Conviction Integrity Unit) worked tirelessly to get these guys out of prison in the midst of this (COVID-19) pandemic. I appreciate it and so do my clients’ families,” stated Silver.

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