Our friend, Lori Alberts, of Link of Love, sent me the information you see below. Delaware is moving hundreds of inmates, about 15 at a time, to PA.

When they get where they are going you should CALL the prison and get the name and email address of the WARDEN of that institution!  Then CALL me if your loved one has problems.  302-423-4067

I know a lot of families are concerned that their Loved One might be shipped out of State to PA, so I compiled these papers to get them this information. The important thing is to go on www.vinelink.com and to hit the “Get Notified” button. This way once your Loved One is Moved to Camp Hill, PA you will know and when they get moved to the next prison you will get notified as well.

Camp Hill is only temporary so do not send a lot of money for them to buy items, as they may get thrown away and then you will have to re-purchase the same items. It will be tough on them for a couple of months but the opportunities are better in PA if they are willing to work for them. Depending on where they get moved, it might be a couple of hours drive but in PA they usually allow for longer visits, so with the phone numbers you can call and see what their procedures are.

Also find out their procedures for filing a complaint  – your filing a complaint – about that prison.  

In case you don’t know it, any prison in America is a place where “anything can happen and usually does”! So save (obtain) the information herein so you are ready for trouble!

Hope this helps.

PA Prison Addresses & Phone Numbers:

Albion 10745 Route 18 Albion, PA 16475 Erie County (814) 756-5778
Benner Township 301 Institution Drive Bellefonte, PA 16823 Centre County (814) 353-3630
Cambridge Springs 451 Fullerton Ave. Cambridge Spring, PA 16403 Crawford County (814) 398-5400
Camp Hill 2500 Lisburn Rd./P.O. Box 200 Camp Hill, PA 17001 Cumberland County (717) 737-4531
Chester 500 East 4th Street Chester, PA 19013 Delaware County (610) 490-5412
Coal Township 1 Kelly Drive Coaltownship, PA 17866 Northumber County (570) 644-7890
Dallas 100 Follies Road Dallas, PA 18612 Luzerne County (570) 675-1101
Fayette 50 Overlook Drive LaBelle, PA 15450 Fayette County (724) 364-2200
Forest 286 Woodland Drive/P.O. Box 307 Marienville, PA 16239 Forest County (814) 2110
Frackville 1111 Altumont Blvd. Frachville, PA 17931 Schuylkill County (570) 874-4516
Greene 169 Progress Drive Waynesburg, PA 15370 Greene County (724) 852-2902
Houtzdale 209 Institution/P.O. Box 1000 Houtzdale, PA 16698 Clearfield County (814) 378-1000
Hunlock Creek 660 State Route 11 Hunlock, PA 18621 Luzerne County (570) 735-8754
Huntingdon 1100 Pike Street Huntingdon, PA 16654 Huntingdon County (814) 643-2400
Laurel Highlands 5706 Glades Pike/P.O. Box 631 Somerset, PA 15501 Sumerset County (814)445-6501
Mahanoy 301 Morea Road Frackville, PA 17932 Schuylkil County (570) 773-2158
Mercer 801 Butler Pike Mercer, PA 16137 Mercer County (724) 662-1837
Muncy 6454 Route 405 Hiwy/P.O. Box 180 Muncy, PA 17756 Lycoming County (570) 546-3171
Phoenix 1200 Mokychic Drive Collegeville, PA 19426 Montgomery County (610) 409-7890
Pine Grove 189 Fyock Road Indiana, PA 15701 Indiana County (724) 465-9630
Quehanna 4395 Quehanna Hiwy Karthays, PA 16845 Clearfield County (814) 263-4125
Retreat 660 State Road 11 Hunlock Creek, PA18621 Luzerne County (570) 735-8754
Rockview Route 26, 1 Rockview Place Bellefonte, PA 16823 Centre County (814) 355-4874
Smithfield 1120 Pike Street Huntingdon, PA 16652 Huntingdon County (814) 643-6520
Somerset 1590 Walters Mill Road Somerset, PA 15510 Somerset County (814) 443-8100
Waymart 11 Farview Rd./P.O. Box 256 Route 6 Waymart, PA 18472 Wayne County (570) 488-5811
This is the mailing address you have to use: Go to www.vinelink.com and follow instructions,
Smart Communications/PADOC go to “Get Notified” box to make sure you are
Inmate name Inmate PA Number updates as to your Loved One’s location.
SCI-name of Prison
P.O. Box 33028
St. Petersburg, FL 33733