If in Delaware, just call me at 302-423-4067.  Updated Oct. 2018

Everywhere else:

CALL social services in your city to get food stamps, housing assistance, and whatever else they may offer.

Call local shelters to get in or get on a waiting list.

Call the city and state Housing Authority and ask for help.

Call the Department of Labor for help with a job search. Read this too: Practical Tip – How to Get a Job as a Convicted Felon! by Ken Abraham. It has a list of friendly companies. http://

Ask local churches for help. Many will help.

Don’t be too stubborn, proud, ashamed, etc. to ask for help. There are many people and organizations who will help you.

Count your BLESSINGS and maintain a positive attitude … and keep faith!

READ Practical Tip – Control your Attitude and ANGER – POEM AND LESSON – Too Many Prisoners are Angry – kra

Practical Tip – Control your Attitude and ANGER – POEM AND LESSON – Too Many Prisoners are Angry – kra

No Longer Homeless

Thank you, God, for the roof over my head and the floor beneath my feet,
Thank you, God, for the food I have to eat,
Thank you, God, for preparing me so well to help many with great strife,
Thank you, God, for the people at DIMH who saved my life,
Thanks for all my Blessings, God; now please get busy helping those not as fortunate as I,
Those in prison, those so ill, the homeless, the mentally ill, those still getting high. Thanks, God.
kra 6/9/18