I often tell callers (I get soooooo many calls about terrible lawyers! ) to report their lawyer to the county and state Bar Associations.  I know that all too often they will not do anything, but report the attorneys anyway; if they get enough complaints they might act

IF you paid some jackass lawyer and they did damn near nothing, CALL me about getting money back!  302-423-4067

Thanks to one of our industrious members, Here is the Link Telling you Where to Report Bad Lawyers! Send an email and keep a copy.

NOTE: Check whether your Bad Lawyer is licensed to practice in more than one state (Google him or her), and if so, send a copy of your complaint to every such state!

Be sure to report bad prosecutors, they are the worst!  If you know of any court ruling – the reversal of a conviction, the granting of a Motion – any court order based on a finding of prosecutor misconduct notify CPI [BELOW]. They track this information nationwide.

My colleague Ed Bartlett heads The Center for Prosecutor Integrity, which is working to enhance prosecutor ethics, reduce over-criminalization, preserve the presumption of innocence, and bring an end to wrongful convictions.: www.prosecutorintegrity.org

You can best communicate with them through Gina – tell her I sent you!

Gina R. Lauterio Esq., Program Director
Center for Prosecutor Integrity (CPI)
P.O. Box 1221
Rockville, MD 20849
Office: 301-801-0608
Cell: 908-783-3542
Email: glauterio@prosecutorintegrity.org
Internet: www.prosecutorintegrity.org


ADDED 10/25/21  The husband of a friend of mine (B) gets home any day now, and I am encouraging him to report his lawyer to the Bar!  Like so many “sex offenders”, B did not harm anyone. He was caught online with  inappropriate pictures of minors on his computer. (READ Sex Panic: The War on Sex Offenders as Public Enemy Number One – A MUST READ! – kra = http://www.citizensforcriminaljustice.net/sex-panic-the-war-on-sex-offenders-as-public-enemy-number-one-a-must-read-kra/ ).  As soon as he was arrested he knew he had made a mistake and needed counseling.

He had a good management job. He had NO prior record. He voluntarily immediately sought counseling. He voluntarily immediately took the Risk Assessment Test and got the best possible result: He was rated as no threat to anyone.  Yet, at sentencing, his idiot lawyer said NOTHING in his behalf! He did not mention any of these beneficial facts! So the judge hammered B with the mandatory 8 years and added 4 more just because he could! The frucking lawyer should be disbarred!

Added 9/25/17: 

Honestly, I’d like to strangle some FB friends [it is just soooo frustrating to see them FAIL!]:
1.They do not READ what I send them and then DO it. Then they wonder why they continue to have the same problem.
1. They do not understand that when you hire a good attorney, what you are paying for is his EXPERTISE! When you get his expertise for free it is no less valuable! I suppose that is because most of them have never dealt with, seen or even met a GOOD attorney!! I get an unbelievable number of cases CAUSED BY bad lawyers!
It really is sad. The stumblefuck idiot attorneys thus make matters far worse for their clients, who, but for that terrible experience (of hiring THEM!) might hire someone who CAN GET THE DESIRED RESULT.
I deal with many, many poor and uneducated people [after all, it is they who are most victimized by the system], and I am delighted to be able to help so many, but sometimes they just have to “GET” it!




I say there should be an independent Review Board, which is made up of NON lawyers … trained in the Cannons of Ethics and empowered to discipline attorneys including disbarring them … [You don’t need to be a lawyer to realize that a criminal attorney who never even told his client that he had a right to appeal really screwed up! Yet I have seen these complaints to the Bar met with the “we find that your complaint has no merit” letter!! It is nothing less than outrageous!] to review claims against lawyers!

Here is a Letter YOU can send out in your state about Bad Lawyers! It is titled Hold Bad Lawyers Accountable. I got it PUBLISHED in Delaware.Click on the tab Letters to the Editor for more great letters!  Send one out each month; it is the best way to reach millions of readers.

Hold Bad Lawyers Accountable


Update: A high school student sent in a great idea: Require the Bar to make public – post – every complaint and its disposition!  I’m tellin’ ya, I have seen the most outrageous reported errors get the form letter in response: “We find no merit to your complaint”. This is a widespread, serious major problem. Few things worse, when you put your trust in their hands, than bad lawyers!


Do NOT keep thinking,  “Oh, there’s not point; nobody will do anything”. Report every last one of the sorry S O Bs – they violated your trust, caused serious harm, let you down, … and YOU can help be sure they don’t do it again!


While in prison, I helped several inmates sue bad lawyers.

ANY questions, call me at 302-423-4067.


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