THIS is the key! Be Prepared! I’ve had well over 5oo trials, probably 700 (never kept count, but I know how many I lost). Most were jury trials, a couple of hundred non jury trials. I am no friggin’ genius, so how did I win all but 2? By being prepared. Beat the pants off of plenty of lawyers smarter than I, but they were not well prepared. I knew the facts, knew the law, knew the rules of evidence, planned my questions to witnesses and cross examinations of witnesses, planned the presentation of other evidence, planned the main points to emphasize, and kicked butt!

Update of 3/22/18 – Jury trial, application for Pardon/Clemency/Commutation, preparing a contract … whatever it is, there is NO substitute for being prepared!

Here is a free tip: The key to a good contract is to make clear each parties’ duties and promises, and to anticipate what might go wrong and deal with that in the contract!

Why have I been so successful in keeping people out of prison or getting people out of prison?  Same thing: being prepared and helping them prepare themselves!

Part of being prepared is to know your limits – do not try what IS NOT POSSIBLE! I say this because many inmates do; they have no knowledge of the law, the “law library” is a disaster, and so they file endless bullshit which will never get the result desired! Type “law library” into the search bar and read how bad it is!

For whatever you do, the way to succeed is to be prepared. Generally speaking, when facing an issue in the criminal justice system … sentencing, entering a plea, bad lawyer, trying to get out of prison, etc, one very good idea is to put the key word/words in the search bar of this very website and read the Articles you find! Can’t find it? CALL me at 302-423-4067!



For example – and every week I see people contacting “everyone in sight” to try to correct an injustice! They should CALL ME!

If writing to the authorities and others to try to correct an injustice, have ready a concise summary of the problem: names, dates, who did or did not do what, and what you want done about it. No more than 2 pages. Then you can send this to whomever you need to [who might that be? Depends on the problem. Use search bar on this website – i.e. “where to report bad judges”,  “where to report bad social workers”,  or CALL me at 302-423-4067] and you can refer to it to write a Letter to the Editor, one of the BEST ways to call attention to any issue/problem.


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