I got involved with helping folks dealing with CPS because they are JUST AS WILDLY OUT OF CONTROL AS THE CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM, as the short story below and THOUSANDS OF OTHERS  will attest! 

These cases ruin the lives not only of Mom and/or Dad, but of the innocent kids!* 

I just got another call like DOZENS of others I have received. [Unfortunately, many of these folks are referred to me after “the shit has hit the fan”! ] A young Mom got hooked on meth. She placed her kids with the grandparents, knowing she was not able to be the good mom she was B4 drugs entered the scene. Then she got arrested for V O P =- using again “one last time”. Long story made short: Because neither she nor the grandparents could afford a good attorney, CPS entered without a warrant, and took all three of those kids and terminated Mom’s rights B4 she even knew it…. she was in prison. Then they terminated the rights to another one while she was in prison! They LIE, they file FALSE reports… it is in too many cases a state agency run amok, just like D O C! If you don’t think so you are woefully uninformed. 

She now is fighting for visitation with the one remaining 9-year-old. She id doing great: no meth, has a home, and is already a supervisor at the Denny’s where she works. Her great success did not happen “by magic”. This mother of 5 has worked very hard to get where she is today; she was released from probation more than 4 years early for doing so well in her treatment and everything else!

Sadly, it is damn near impossible to get your kids back after the CPS jackasses terminate your rights, There should be a powerful FREE law firm who will help, but there is none. The best you can do is READ THIS: http://www.citizensforcriminaljustice.net/practical-tip-affordable-legal-help/ – AFFORDABLE LEGAL HELP 

READ How to Fight CPS AND WATCH THE VIDEO – BELOW!   … If the grandparents in the story above had read this, CPS never would have gotten the kids!

Practical Tip – You must do this if you get a call or a visit from CPS! The Fight CPS HANDBOOK

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