Get Empowered! Read this carefully and save it. DO IT! Unless you have regular access to a major TV or radio outlet, there is no better way to reach millions of eyeballs.  My Press List to blast our emails exceeds 400 contacts across the county. See instructions below.

Fed up with “the system”? With politicians who care only about getting re-elected? With any aspect of government? Don’t just surf Facebook and bitch all day, and don’t waste your time doing what does not work (like “petitions”) !  Do this!  

Your comments anywhere on the internet reach a handful of people. Yes, many are clever, witty, and on point about the asshole in our White House, but HERE IS A MUCH BETTER IDEA for you to promote ANY cause!

YOU! Do what I do, because I have been doing it for years and it works! Everywhere I go people say: “I read your letters all the time.”

YOU will become famous in your area! Famous for telling the truth, for speaking out on important matters, and THAT is no bullshit!

There are soooo many issues you can write about, you easily could send out a letter each month, THEREBY REACHING MILLIONS OF READERS!
Make A Difference

So many say “why bother, there’s nothing I can do!”
Well, I hope one of those is not you!
For you can be far more influential than you think,
All you need do is share some well-thought-out-ink!
kra 3/11/18

I now see some politicians using exactly the language I have written in Letters to the Editor – some of the same politicians who laughed when I made the same remarks at a big meeting 4 years ago!



Incredible incompetence or worse (tRump) in our government!


Addiction and the idiotic War on Drugs

Do Nothing politicians

Police Abuse

Unfairness and injustice in any form  …. whatever the issue, write a Letter to the Editor about it! 🙂 


Click on the tab “Letters to the Editor!

Yes, “little ole you” can really make a difference, be empowered to reach millions of readers across America and the world. I have been doing this for just over 3 years now, and everywhere I go people say “I see your letters in the paper”. I get calls from classmates I have not talked to in 4 decades, saying things like “Are you the Ken Abraham I knew in school? I just read your Letter to the Editor in the Chicago Tribune” or the New York Times, or U S A Today.  I’m telling you: if they read them the idiot legislators who need to make changes and many other influential people are reading them!

I have hundreds of Letters to the Editor, on many topics concerning criminal justice –  everything from bad prosecutors and crazy sentencing to the “war on drugs”, ready for you to send out; just pick one, modify to suit your taste, and email, email, email! This works! Nearly everyone, including the decision-makers we want to reach, reads the paper, either in their lap or online.  I have over 40 Letters ready now and I am working on organizing hundreds of others. Ask for the link and  I can send you 35 more letters to review and use!!

YOU can also use letters on our website and posted periodically on our Facebook group page, Citizens for Criminal JUSTICE!   JOIN  that group now!

READ ALSO Do What Works!



Click on “Articles” on this website and scroll down to the tab “Letters to the Editor” where you will find many more great letters!





Folks, I have not emphasized this enough. We have about 40 people across the country doing this now, but we need hundreds … thousands! I call this our “Improve America Campaign”.

Here is your “Step by step” guide:

1.  Email me at and ask for Letters to Editor.

2. Google the email addresses for Letter to the Editor for the top ten newspapers in your state. Start with “newspapers in xxxxxxxx”.  Then go to each one’s homepage and get the email address for Letters to Editor. Save those as your primary mailing list (plus a couple of national papers).

3.  You should email a different letter each month, every month. Maybe twice a month if you want to split your email address list into two.

4. You will send each one to every newspaper in your state, or on your list,  and a few national ones (U S A Today, Chicago Tribune, The New York Times, the Philadelphia Inquirer).  I have a list of email addresses for hundreds of media outlets – papers, TV, radio, internet, etc. I can send you that; just ask for “media email list”

5. You can pick an item on our website and convert it to a Letter to the Editor! You have my permission to use anything I write.


a. Send the email to yourself and bcc to all other addressees – so they don’t see that all the others got it.

b. Copy and paste at random about 10 or 15 of the hundreds of media email addresses I send you, if you ask for that, and add them on the bcc bar of addressees each time -a different 10 or 15 each time.

c. Pick a topic, a Letter, and modify it to suit your taste (or not!) and to fit your particular facts. i.e. if you live in Arizona and are doing one on out of control cops, you might google “how many citizens are killed by police in Arizona each year?”. Then you can state the national figure (about 1,100 per year, up from earlier “counts” of over 400) and add, “In Arizona alone, xxx people were killed by police” last year (or “each year”).

d. Couch the problem as a national one, because no doubt it is.

e. Refer readers to our website, ; if you have a particular article in mind, mention it. i.e. Go to, click on Prison Abuse, and read “Why Prison Abuse is Bad, Bad, Policy”.

f. Tickle your calendar to send one at least once each month; much more and they just will ignore you.

g. Sign with name, city and state, “Member, Citizens for Criminal Justice”, , and your phone number – this creates “brand recognition” for CCJ and gives you the gravitas of being a member of a group.  Be sure to include your phone number often they call to be sure you wrote it before they print it. You may never know how many papers print your Letters – I don’t, but I do know they do not always call. I have had classmates call me and say “Hey, I saw your letter in U S A Today!”.

h. If anyone contacts you and wants to learn more, send them to our fb group Citizens for Criminal JUSTICE and to the website, .  If they want to know more about Citizens for Criminal Justice, or if they want to do a radio or TV interview, you can handle it, or if you’re not comfortable doing that, please send them to me: or 302-423-4067!

O K, people, take a little time to get set up with the Letters and the email addresses, and DO it!  You know the old saying: “If you’re not part of the solution, you are part of the problem”.  This will take you about 20 minutes, or less, each month, and YOU can have an enormous impact! The Philadelphia Inquirer printed another of my letters less than a week ago – they reach over 6 million readers!

Do what works to reach the maximum number of fellow citizens and decision makers!  



I get lots of letters published, and ghost write for others. The keys to getting your Letter published are:
1. Keep it to 250 words or fewer.
2. Do not make it about “poor little old me”. Describe the problem as one which not only affects the individual, but is a senseless or ineffective measure, policy, or law which also harms communities and society. For example, with reentry, the obstacles make it unnecessarily difficult for the individual, but also harm society by making it hard to become productive, spending money and paying taxes in the community, and they cause increased recidivism = increased crime.
3. Speak from your heart.
4. Google any facts you are not sure about.
5. Do not name-call.
Do what works: Write that Letter! 🙂
Letter to Editor – sign name, town, state, and your phone number (they often call to verify that you sent it), and “Member of Citizens for Criminal JUSTICE” if you like – shows you are part of a large group.
Send the email to yourself, and put on the “bcc” bar the email addresses for Letters to the Editor for the top ten newspapers in your state and several national ones – The New York Times, Chicago Tribune, U S A Today (google the Letter to Editor email addresses). Any questions, CALL me at 302-423-4067! 🙂
Need a Letter on some criminal justice issue and not a great letter writer? NO EXCUSE! Email me a rough draft and call me and I’ll polish it up! .




New Policy – 10/29/16 – Take 20 minutes, Save $100.00 If you get a Letter to the Editor PUBLISHED in any newspaper, you can save $100.00, or earn a $100.00 credit toward any work you may need to hire me to do. Just send a copy of the published letter and a link to it, If you get a letter into 10 different newspapers, … earn a $1,000.00 credit. iMIT OF $1,000.00. Letters must be about the criminal justice system – any issue.

Get Empowered! How YOU Can Create a Powerful, Effective Force for Reform of our Criminal Justice System