Yes, I have a reputation as a prison reform advocate. 🙂 . God knows there is no more serious, no more widespread, no more pernicious problem in the whole criminal justice system than prison abuse!

Today, reporters very well may call me for comment when they are working on any article about prisons. See, for example:


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Prosecutors, politicians, judges, and many other officials have their heads firmly in the sand concerning this very, very serious problem. Here is something YOU can do about it!  It is as easy as one, two, three!   Any questions at all – CALL me at 302-423-4067.

Below are five letters for starters.     They are short, to the point, and powerful!

  1. You google the email addresses for THE Top 10 newspapers in your state.
  2. Save that list of e-mail addresses for future use.
  3. Then, about every 30 days, you mail out a letter to the editor to those 10 newspapers, and five or six major national ones such as The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, The Philadelphia Inquirer, USA Today, or others.


You e-mail each letter to yourself, and put the other addressees on the “bcc” bar! Always include your phone number, because they sometimes call to make sure that you sent it before they publish it.


When you need more letters, just call me, and I shall send you five more! 302-423-4067. Imagine how much we can accomplish if we have 100 … 1,000 … people doing this all over the country! We can cause enough commotion to actually get some prosecutors to take ACTION against prison staff and prison “healthcare” providers who are killing people (Can you say “criminally negligent homicide”?) every single day in America with impunity.


Letter no. 1

Letter to the Editor – The Use and Misuse of Solitary Confinement in America –  (DATE – always put the date!)

Since I have been a member of Citizens for Criminal Justice, I have learned a lot about what goes on in our prisons, and what goes on is truly shameful. Let’s consider, for example, the use of solitary confinement or isolation cells. Many studies show that prolonged isolation causes serious mental health problems, behavioral issues, and actually damages the brain. I know people who have seen inmates go crazy – start talking to themselves and answering themselves – because they were placed in isolation for many months.  Causing these problems only increases the chance of more crime and the chance that people will return to prison, wasting millions of tax dollars. 95% of all prisoners are released; they should not be released in worse condition than when they went in. This is one reason why policies are slowly changing to limit the use of isolation cells.

The other huge problem is the abuse and misuse of isolation cells. Very often, guards will place an inmate in isolation for years or for months simply because that person dared to file a grievance, dared to exercise his/her rights! This, in fact, is a federal crime, called unlawful retaliation (See 18 USCA sections 241 and 242).  Read this excellent account by our founder, a former prosecutor:  . This policy must stop!

Your Name, City, State, Phone Number, Member of Citizens for Criminal JUSTICE.


Letter no. 2.

Letter to the Editor – Murder by Neglect – (DATE – always put the date!)

Many Americans do not realize the atrocious state of “healthcare” in America’s prisons. It is truly nearly beyond belief, and it is costing YOU billions of tax dollars in the form of settlement payments made to successful litigants, the enormous costs of defending the many lawsuits that arise from this problem, and the congestion which these cases cause in the courts. The federal courts right here in our state of  _________  are full of such cases!

Although the Constitution, state and federal statutes, and the US Supreme Court make it very clear that inmates are to be provided with “reasonable” health care, they are dying in droves due to abominable “healthcare”! Private prisons are the worst, but this is happening in prisons all over America. They refuse to provide even the most minimal healthcare because a) nobody is monitoring them to ensure that they do, b) they think it will save money – where actually it costs a fortune in the long run, and c) they have gotten away with this crime (see USCA 18, sections 241 and 242 it is a federal crime!) for decades.

Not only is this murderous neglect wrong, wrong, wrong, but it is costing society a fortune – in the costs of it and in the form of furious inmates who emerge from our prisons even more hostile than when they went in! Read Why Prison Abuse is Bad Bad Policy.  at .

Your Name, City, State, Phone Number, Member of Citizens for Criminal JUSTICE.


Letter no. 3

Letter to the Editor – We Need Reentry Programs!  – (DATE – always put the date!)

Do you realize that America has more than 2 million people in prison? Do you realize that  more than one in four U.S. adults — roughly 65 million people –have an arrest or conviction that shows up in a routine criminal background check? Do you realize that although we have 5 percent of world’s population, we have 25 percent of its “known” prisoners?!

The fact is that 95% of inmates will be released. The national recidivism rate – the rate at which they return to prison – has been over 70%! they keep going through that revolving door, costing YOU a fortune in tax dollars, creating more crime, Because they are dumped on the streets with no job training, no place to go, nowhere to live. This is shortsighted stupidity! We need more effective reentry programs. When we reduced recidivism, we avoid future crime victims, and we return people to being productive members of society! Read, for example, All Americans Deserve a chance to Rebuild their Lives, at

Your Name, City, State, Phone Number, Member of Citizens for Criminal JUSTICE.


Letter no. 4

Letter to the Editor – We are a Nation of Laws – (DATE – always put the date!)

In this country, nobody is above the law; perhaps Watergate taught us that better than any other incident in history. Yet, We have pockets of crime in every state where crime is rampant, and the criminals are not prosecuted! I’m talking about prison abuse, and act of will on the part of federal and state prosecutors to prosecute ongoing, blatant, atrocious crimes. If you don’t think this is a real problem, you simply don’t know what is going on in your own backyard.

There are so many reasons why we should correct this huge American embarrassment, I hardly know where to begin. 1. Inmates become frustrated and furious seeing this crime all around them being committed by “law enforcement officials”, and getting away with it day after day after day. They emerge even more angry and hostile than when they went in. 2. This policy of neglect – failing to prosecute – cost us billions of dollars in tax money defending the innumerable lawsuits brought by prisoners and their friends and families. If you doubt this, just check the docket of our federal courts right here in the state of _______ . They are overwhelmed with such cases. 3. Society is greatly harmed by the congestion of our courts caused by the frustrated victims of these crimes, and by the increase in violence caused by this basic neglect of the law.  Read Why Prison Abuse is Bad Bad Policy. at .

As Aristotle said: “Man perfected by society is the best of all animals; he is the most terrible of all when he lives without law, and without justice.”  State and federal prosecutors must prosecute prison abuse!

Your Name, City, State, Phone Number, Member of Citizens for Criminal JUSTICE.



Letter no. 5

Letter to the Editor – Addicts need Treatment, not Prison – (DATE – always put the date!)

Slowly but surely, officials are starting to realize that nonviolent drug offenders need treatment, not prison. Addiction is a health issue, not a criminal justice issue. Our prisons are wildly overloaded with nonviolent drug offenders – anywhere from 20%, to 40% of all inmates (somewhere between 440,000 and 880,000 people!) – depending what study you read. Whatever the actual figure is, it is a tremendous waste of tax dollars. We can treat addicts for approximately 1/4 of the cost of warehousing them in prison, ensuring that they are far less likely to return to prison, commit more crimes, and cost us more money!

Furthermore, Police chiefs across the country are finally realizing that we cannot arrest our way out of the addiction problems sweeping the nation.Read this excellent article by the founder of Citizens for Criminal JUSTICE, a former prosecutor: Erie County plans to treat, not arrest addicts at

Get smart, America! Get “smart on crime” instead of “tough on crime”!

Your Name, City, State, Phone Number, Member of Citizens for Criminal JUSTICE.



There is no more effective way to communicate important information than Letters to the Editor. READ  Get Empowered!  


So, don’t just flit all over the place on Facebook, “like” ing this and “like” ing that! Get SERIOUS! YOU can make a difference! 🙂  Improve your country!


ShareI get lots of letters published, and ghost write for others. The keys to getting your Letter published are:

1. Keep it to 250 words or fewer.
2. Do not make it about “poor little old me”. Describe the problem as one which not only affects the individual, but is a senseless or ineffective measure, policy, or law which also harms communities and society. For example, with reentry, the obstacles make it unnecessarily difficult for the individual, but also harm society by making it hard to become productive, spending money and paying taxes in the community, and they cause increased recidivism = increased crime.
3. Speak from your heart.
4. Google any facts you are not sure about.
5. Do not name-call.
Do what works: Write that Letter! 🙂
Letter to Editor – sign name, town, state, and your phone number (they often call to verify that you sent it), and “Member of Citizens for Criminal JUSTICE” if you like – shows you are part of a large group.
Send the email to yourself, and put on the “bcc” bar the email addresses for Letters to the Editor for the top ten newspapers in your state and several national ones – The New York Times, Chicago Tribune, U S A Today (google the Letter to Editor email addresses). Any questions, CALL me at 302-423-4067! 🙂
Need a Letter on some criminal justice issue and not a great letter writer? NO EXCUSE! Email me a rough draft and call me and I’ll polish it up! .