Let me express the problem in technical legal terms: ACCOUNTABILITY! SOME ASSHOLES IN POSITIONS OF AUTHORITY NEED TO BE JAILED!!

Use the search bar on this website to see where to report bad judges, lawyers, cps workers, social workers, and read Go to The Top.

The main reason for much abuse is no accountability; too many officials, and others, have their heads in the sand! 

When certain classes of people who are protected by ridiculously protective union contracts (making it damn near impossible to fire them) or who are members of some “privileged class” (POLITICIANS!) – cops, prison officials, politicians, judges, commit crimes repeatedly, YOU must ACT!

The next time you see a story of police abuse, or about that prison guard who RAPED a female inmate daily for months, SEND AN EMAIL TO THE U S ATTORNEY IN YOUR AREA, DEMANDING ARREST, CONVICTION, INVESTIGATION OF THE SYSTEM, AND … PRISON TIME! 🙂  It is the ONLY deterrent! 


The U S Attorney for Delaware is Charlie (Charles) Oberly:  [  3/16/17 CALL AND ASK WHO IS THE ACTING U S ATTORNEY SINCE THE REMOVAL OF MR. OBERLY!]

usade.webmaster@usdoj.gov   ... 302-573-6277 …  Send that email then call in a couple of days: “Did you get my email? WHAT are you doing about it?”


THEN, if they do not act, shame them in the press! Write a Letter to the Editor – explain the problem, then ask “WHY is the U S Attorney not enforcing the law?!”  

I get lots of letters published, and ghost write for others. The keys to getting your Letter published are:
1. Keep it to 250 words or fewer.
2. Do not make it about “poor little old me”. Describe the problem as one which not only affects the individual, but is a senseless or ineffective measure, policy, or law which also harms communities and society. For example, with reentry, the obstacles make it unnecessarily difficult for the individual, but also harm society by making it hard to become productive, spending money and paying taxes in the community, and they cause increased recidivism = increased crime.
3. Speak from your heart.
4. Google any facts you are not sure about.
5. Do not name-call.
Do what works: Write that Letter! 🙂
Letter to Editor – sign name, town, state, and your phone number (they often call to verify that you sent it), and “Member of Citizens for Criminal JUSTICE” if you like – shows you are part of a large group.
Send the email to yourself, and put on the “bcc” bar the email addresses for Letters to the Editor for the top ten newspapers in your state and several national ones – The New York Times, Chicago Tribune, U S A Today (google the Letter to Editor email addresses). Any questions, CALL me at 302-423-4067! 🙂
Need a Letter on some criminal justice issue and not a great letter writer? NO EXCUSE! Email me a rough draft and call me and I’ll polish it up! kenabraham3138@gmail.com .

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