I have known about Legal Shield for many years, but recently took a closer look at it. My conclusion is that everyone should have it! I personally do not need it because I am a legal shield, but in our increasingly litigious society, most people cannot afford a good lawyer, and this is a truly affordable way to have one.

A friend of mine recently sent this email I have deleted names for his privacy:

I’ve had legal Shield, formerly Prepaid Legal, for close to 20 years now, and it has saved me much money, time and stress.
Last year, an attorney sued me for $12,000. Txxxx Yxxxxxxxxx had taken our case with Sxxxxx and had promised me that the firm could continue the case even if it went to a federal court. When it did, his brother/associate told me they were not comfortable working in federal court and suggested I hire new attorney.
We did. Yxxxxxx had charged me $25,000, and I had paid him $13,000. I paid the new attorney $30,000, so when I asked him to return part of the payment, he claimed I still owed him $12,000. I complained to the Bar Association, and then he sued me for the $12,000.
Fortunately for me, I had plenty of hours accumulated, and the case cost me about $1.50. After several months, the attorney he had hired told my attorney that he was sure they would take any settlement, that they were weary of the case. I told my attorney to tell them that I would not pay one penny, that I would not sign anything, and that my advice was for Yxxxxxxxx to drop this embarrassing lawsuit, which he did about a week later.
Legal Shied Rocks!


Some people deride it as a “pyramid scheme”, and they are dead wrong. It is a legal insurance umbrella, which affords you the opportunity to make some money if you choose to do so by making it grow. 

This is one of the best investments any American can make in this age of litigation and chaos in our courts. For as little as $25.00 a month you and your family can have bona-fide strong legal protection. Your have car insurance, health insurance, etc. GET LEGAL INSURANCE!

As I said, I have known about Legal Shield for years, but never gave it mush attention. Recently I have seen some friends using it, so I checked it out carefully, and it struck me: EVERYBODY SHOULD HAVE THIS!

Legal Shield now is so strong that entire law firms do nothing but handle Legal Shield cases – your case. It is THE best solution for so many people who can’t afford the fees charged by oh so greedy lawyers. ….Legal Shield is NOT some pyramid scheme; it is solid, powerful legal protection for “the average Joe”. 

You can get this protection from any Legal Shield member, but I Recommend that you call Ms. Kelly Sherrell. As with any referral I make, I want people to get the best: a person with integrity who knows what they are doing and will answer your calls. Wherever you live, in any state, Kelly can and will be able to help you and to answer any questions you have. Her contact info is below:

Kdsherrell@gmail.com …
Kelly Sherrell
Business Solutions and Recruitment
LegalShield independent Agent
Direct : 702-493-4731

Here is the link for Kelly’s Website, and an App you can use too!

My app link – Bit.ly/2KrQ8L5

My website – bit.ly/2BlokrU

When you join through her, just tell her I sent you and she will forward to me a small amount, so you are “killing two birds with one stone”: helping yourself with the great Legal Shield program, and helping me help so many others.

I urge you to act now; get Legal Shield before you have a problem. They may have been able to prevent that problem from happening or from escalating!

There is one reason that Legal Shield has grown so huge and powerful, able to support entire law firms: it works!

Here is a e video for links to Legal Shield: https://ls-info.com/res/2808/1832/2594999?source=mobile