What’s this got to do with criminal justice? Damn near nothing, but let me make a stretch: keep her happy and she may be able to help you with your case  … and be glad to be your “shoulder to lean on”.

This is NO stretch:

She will be a super comfort IF you get locked up! I sure remember that when I was in prison any contact from outside was a little slice of heaven!  And maybe she won’t divorce your sorry ass for whatever stupid shit you did to get locked up, and she will be there when you come out!

My website is full of “Practical Tips”, like this one: Practical Tip on Pardons, Expungements, Commutations/Clemency – With fee agreement = http://www.citizensforcriminaljustice.net/practical-tip-pardons-expungments-commtations/

Here is another. I remember one of my ex girlfriends saying to me “You’re so easy to love”.


Practical tip – Be Easy to Love! – A Short Essay by Ken Abraham

Here is the key: just spoil her ass! … and the rest of her. Not with gifts and material shit, but with understanding and affection.

Be honest.

Listen. Yes, it is very, very important to listen to her.

Be tender. Hey, if she likes “it” rough, be rough! While we’re in the “it” department, talk with her. ASK her what she wants you to do to “ring her chimes” … and then do it.

Bite your tongue! Once you say something hurtful, in anger, you cannot take it back. Reminds me of one of my favorite songs, though I still cry sometimes when I hear it: Cher = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GgD9FyE60hs

Surprise her …. breakfast in bed?! 

Lighten her load. Studies show that one of the biggest turn ons for women (gets them in the mood) is not candy, flowers, or chocolates, but when you offer to help out around the house, like doing the dishes, helping with the laundry.  Almost sure to get you “turned every which way but loose”!

Kiss her goodbye in the morning – a little peck on the cheek.

Do your share domestically …. laundry, dishes, chores.

Teach her! Teach her the value of things money can’t buy, like integrity, generosity, kindness, thankfulness …

Never, ever forget her birthday, Valentine’s day, your anniversary, her kids’ birthdays, etc. !

Support her in whatever work, hobbies, endeavors she wants to  pursue. Tell her how special she is, and how she is special..

Remind her often how lucky you know you are to have her.

If she has kids, spoil THEM by teaching them and by playing with them; take an interest in their school work/activities!

Oh yeah, that image?! There is a song by that name, but here is the song, a great oldie from when I was 15, which it reminds me of!  Sugar Shack = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-DW8ecqu0Iw

That’s all I can think of for now. Gee, if only I had followed my own advice  … I might still be married! LOL   Truly, few regrets, we cannot change the past, must move on!  🙂