I post this again, because it is so important. I talked again this morning with a fellow I have been helping for about 2 months now. He is a “hard case”, with anti social tendencies and attitude Been in and out of prison a lot, on probation “my whole life” … as he puts it. He is black and his girlfriend is white, and some idiots give him shit about that. He met again today with his P O, an asshole, and today someone called him the N word… he did not have a pleasant morning. We talked for about half an hour and he was in a much better disposition thereafter.

He wants me to file stuff, and it is just too soon to do that; he needs to put up with probation for a couple of months. I do have great success in getting people off probation, but it is just to soon for him now.

Bottom line, he is doing ok, not screwing up, and just may turn his whole life around in the coming months.  I am glad that I am here, with all of my experience, to help him.  He knows he has a friend. 

Dig this: toy story – you’ve got a friend in me = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XHFy3YWpRx8 


Here is the main point, folks:

I shall never forget the answer which a woman leading the most successful reentry program in the nation gave a reporter when asked: “What makes your program so successful?”.

I cannot recall her name nor the name of the program – it was an article I read in the NYT while in prison. But I remember her answer, given after a long thoughtful pause, and I put it to good use in my own counseling of hundreds of ex-offenders: “For most of these men, just knowing that someone cares whether they succeed makes all the difference.”