Sad to say, for every conviction for such an offense, at least 1,000 more never are prosecuted!  This guy should have gotten prison time!

The Whole Story:

One of seven prison guards charged with sexually abusing female inmates at a jail in Scranton has pleaded no contest to a count of official oppression.

Jeffrey Staff was sentenced after the plea Thursday to nine months of probation. As part of the sentence, Staff is barred from ever seeking employment in a correctional facility or in law enforcement, Attorney General Josh Shapiro’s office said.

Staff and six other Lackawanna County prison guards were charged last year after a grand jury found the men used their positions of authority to coerce sex from female inmates.

Staff’s arrest stemmed from sexual contact he had with a Lackawanna County Prison inmate in 2010 while she was out on furlough.

Shapiro says the investigation is ongoing and there may be additional victims. 

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