Governor Wolf in PA is calling for legalization of Pot. There are scores of articles on my website as to why this is better than current policies. Let us pray that the idiot legislators do it … it is inevitable, yet some of them – Republicans – are still saying stupid shit like “we are disappointed because it is still a Schedule 1 narcotic according to the federal government”! Full legalization is inevitable, and NOW is the time for PA to join the sensible states.

Excerpts from the Article:

Gov. Tom Wolf wants to legalize recreational marijuana for adults in Pennsylvania. In a news conference Wednesday, Wolf called for legislation to eliminate criminal charges for nonviolent acts involving small amounts of cannabis and expunge the records of those previously convicted.

Wolf also wants the General Assembly to begin serious debate on legalizing regulated recreational marijuana for adults. “I said in the past that I didn’t know if Pennsylvania was ready for this,” Wolf said. “I believe Pennsylvania is ready for this.”

The governor points to a 93-day tour that took Lt. Gov. John Fetterman to all 67 counties in the state to discuss recreational marijuana. Based on a report from the tour, Wolf said 68% of the attendees were in favor of legalizing recreational marijuana.

“If you oppose the legalization of recreational marijuana, you are in the minority in Pennsylvania,” Fetterman said.

Pennsylvania Attorney General Eugene DePasquale applauded Wolf for calling for reform to the state’s marijuana laws as part of criminal justice reform.

“It’s time for public policy to catch up with public opinion,” DePasquale said in a statement. “My research shows that regulating and taxing marijuana for adult use could generate up to $581 million in new revenue annually, money that Pennsylvania could use to strengthen support for education, fight opioid addiction and expand access to health care.”

Wolf and Fetterman were quick to point out that, like alcohol, this would only be legal for adults.

“We now know the majority of Pennsylvanians are in favor of legalization, and that includes me,” Wolf said. “I look forward to seeing what we can accomplish together, especially the criminal justice reforms I am proposing today, which will have an immediately positive influence on thousands of families across Pennsylvania.”

Recreational marijuana is fully legal in 11 states and the District of Columbia. Pennsylvania is one of 22 states where medicinal marijuana is legal, but pot remains illegal for recreational use. CBD oil is legal in six more states.

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