We must never forget these most heinous crimes and the cover ups by “men of the cloth”.  “Men of the cloth”  … sheeeeit, many of them need a solid iron loincloth!

This breaks down to about $148,000 per victim; hardly fair compensation for their torment!  Let us pray that all the priests involved are where they belong: behind bars!

The Article:

Pennsylvania’s Roman Catholic dioceses have paid nearly $84 million to 564 victims of sexual abuse. Seven of the state’s eight dioceses launched victim compensation funds in the wake of a landmark grand jury report on sexual abuse by Catholic clergy.

The funds were open to claims for a limited time this year. The tally is sure to grow in 2020 as compensation fund administrators work through a backlog of claims.

One survivor says the money won’t make him rich, but he hopes it will make his life a little better and help him to put the abuse behind him.

The Whole Story:

Pennsylvania dioceses offer $84M to 564 clergy abuse victims