Based on my vast experience, I have no doubt that Brian Laundrie murdered little Gabby Petito. None. So I say “too bad” because he should have been arrested, convicted, and sent to rot in prison.  

Now, what his parents have said makes no sense to me, and their role in his disappearance is being investigated.  We shall see what happens. Did he tell them what he had done and then kill himself?

Excerpts from the Article:

What it appears to be human remains were found in the same area as personal belongings of Brian Laundrie, including a backpack.

The Sarasota County medical examiner’s office was called Wednesday to a Florida nature preserve where police recently discovered items belonging to Brian Laundrie, the department confirmed.

The medical examiners are responding to Myakkatchee Creek Environmental Par, which is adjacent to the Carlton Reserve where Launrie’s parents said he had left to go hiking over a month ago.

The park is now closed to the public, having reopened only Tuesday following a weeks-long search for the fugitive.

Laundrie, 23, is wanted for alleged bank fraud and is a person of interest, in the homicide of his girlfriend Gabby Petito, 22.

In mid-September, her body was found in Wyoming’s Grand National Park.

Laundrie’s parents, Chris and Roberta Laundrie, informed the FBI and the North Port Police Department Tuesday night that they intended to come to Mykkahatchee Creek Environmental Park on Wednesday morning to search for him, family attorney Steven Bertolino said.


Partial human remains found after Brian Laundrie’s possessions located in Florida park