Yes! This is PUBLISHED in the Delaware State News of 10/23/21 on p A4!

Op Ed Submission or Letter to the Editor – Arrests should start – 10/13/21

One fundamental flaw of Trump and his followers is the notion they hold that they are beyond, or above, the law. In fact, one aspect of America which is envied and admired around the world is that nobody – not police, not judges, not “high and mighty politicians” – nobody – is above the law.

Trumpsters don’t understand this, and they must be taught this truth, harshly if necessary! Arrests need to start. Any state or federal prosecutor with jurisdiction over anyone ignoring a lawful subpoena, or jurisdiction over anyone advising someone to ignore or defy a lawful subpoena, should prosecute them for attempted interference with justice and for the crime of obstructing a Congressional subpoena. Someone needs to step up and say: “It’s time to call a spade a spade. These are not ‘good ole boys rallying their base’, these are good old criminals attempting to obstruct justice, and this nation will not tolerate it!”

Without such enforcement, our laws are meaningless, and criminals will just laugh at the Courts.

Of course, I am referring to idiot Trumpster Steve Bannon, who has stated that he will not honor his subpoena, any lawyer who advises someone not to comply with a subpoena, and others. We can expect more trouble from such fools in the future, but they must see that criminal trouble has real consequences.

I was a prosecutor for five years, and I could get a jury to convict people like Kevin  McCarthy or Steve Bannon in about one day!

Ken Abraham, founder of Citizens for Criminal JUSTICE, former Deputy Attorney General of Delaware, Dover, DE 302-423-4067