YES! This Letter was published in our state’s largest newspaper, the Wilmington News Journal, on Sunday, its day of largest circulation (about 500,000 readers). Today, 10/31/21

This Letter also was PUBLISHED in the 11/22/21 edition of The Delaware State News, p A6, the newspaper for our capitol city!

Op Ed or Letter to the Editor – Save the USPS! – 10-/26/21

Are you sick and tired of having to wait longer … and longer … to get your mail? Or not getting it at all? All because politicians want to screw with your mail?

I sure am, and so are millions of you whose medicines are not arriving like they used to!

One lingering disaster from the Trump administration is Louis DeJoy, the political hack who Trump appointed to head the USPS for the expressed purpose of tampering with the election! He chose DeJoy to delay or prevent mail in voting, and that is precisely what he did. Once in office he immediately removed hundreds of mail rapid sorting machines from hundreds of post offices across America! Since then he has continued to implement systems to delay your mail.

Recently he slowed down your mail by another day or two.

That fool DeJoy is treating the USPS like his own voter suppression toy. Do not sit there quietly and let him do it! While it is complicated to remove him (that’s why he is still there), you can do your part. You can make a difference. Wherever you live, CALL your elected officials in Congress and urge them to tell Biden to get rid of Mr. DeJoy! The numbers are 202-224-3121 or 202-225-3121 for the Congressional switchboard. Just call and ask for you Representative(s) or Senator (s).

Help save our USPS from political poison!

Ken Abraham, President of Citizens for Criminal JUSTICE, former prosecutor, Dover, DE 302-423-4067