SOON – (room for improvement? You MUST be joking!)

I have my Court hearing this morning; super lawyers at the fore,

The goal is to get the bad guys onto that courtroom floor,

You see, the American trial process is designed to elicit the TRUTH, once you get in the door,

But if you’re a prisoner without counsel, the facts and the law, both the judge will ignore,

Heads are buried so DEEP in the sand concerning rampant problems in America’ prisons,

Legislators, clergy, so many others, even judges, see reality through very dark prisms,

The TRUTH is distorted, denied or ignored at every turn,

It’s enough to make your stomach churn,

The tragic dysfunction of our “corrections” (what!!??) system, could be easily solved,

By someone with integrity, professionalism, and sufficient resolve,

Good Lord, a handful of good managers could straighten out the mess,

And bring orderly progress to what is now chaotic distress!

Court today, moving in three days, a few days to get settled in, organized, back into gear,

Then on to expose America’s disgrace; got some new ideas to make the TRUTH perfectly clear.

KRA 3/27/13

I wrote this 13 months after my release, and the Courts are even more fucked up today!

Some tRumpsters say “Trump passed prison reform”. Are you shitting me! What he did was a drop in the bucket compared to what needs to be done and easily could be done! kra  See so many articles on this website.