The state of Louisiana is well served with the departure of this bad apple!

Excerpts from the Article:

Jason Brown was a ‘lock ‘em up tight and throw away the key’ type. One of the most disliked prosecutors in Caddo Parish, Louisiana, history, he was a hard-charging and inflexibly tough prosecutor who pushed for maximum punishments. Several of them were recounted by investigative journalist Jon Campbell in The Appeal.

Back in 2015, Brown left his Assistant District Attorney (“ADA”) job with 11 other DAs immediately after retired Court of Appeal Judge James Stewart became the parish’s first Black District Attorney (“DA”). Brown was fired.

In March 2020, Calcasieu Parish District Attorney’s Office fired Brown as a prosecutor for his handling of a continuance motion in the Joey Julian murder trial. In addition, the defense in that case accused him of withholding “a mountain” of exculpatory evidence.

In Caddo, Brown worked with death penalty champion Dale Cox, who appeared on 60 Minutes, saying the state should use capital punishment more often.

Among Brown’s many victories was winning a guilty verdict with a life without parole prison sentence for Fate Winslow. A homeless man, Winslow sold a $20 baggie of marijuana to an undercover cop.

Brown secured a life sentence for Larry John Thompson over “five individually packaged rocks of cocaine” on a possession with intent to distribute rap. Brown prosecuted James Cass for possessing with intent to distribute 1.5 ounces of marijuana. The sentence: 40 years.

Former Caddo Parish Public Defender Ernest Gilliam, III, had Brown’s number saved in his phone as simply “The Devil.”

“There’s never been anyone quite like Jason Brown,” stated Gilliam.

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