The following are emails from my friend, attorney Steve Hampton, to a reporter working on a story about another trial of several defendants charged with the murder of Mr. Floyd. When I asked Steve if it’s ok to post it, he said sure, and as to “How are you?” he replied: a “little peeved” … about this situation with all the prison abuse, and I said yes, that’s my constant condition.

I have been raising the same issue now for 6 years.


to Ian

Deric has contacted us and we expect to add him to the complaint when it is amended.

I remain frustrated that the State has already paid defense costs of over $680,000, probably has spent as much or more on the prosecution, and is proceeding ahead with more criminal trials, yet there has been no investigation of the wholesale torture of inmates since February 2, 2017.

The inmates are receiving woefully inadequate medical care and some are getting greatly reduced food portions. The abusive strip searches and threats have continued and hundreds of inmates are being shipped out-of-state. It seems that almost 2 years after the revolt DOC has failed to correct any of its ongoing serious problems, and if anything they are worse than ever. DOC management has allowed intolerable conditions for inmates and C/O’s to continue unaddressed, and shouldn’t be surprised that nobody with a choice wants to work for DOC.

The conditions in Delaware prisons are a tragedy unfolding in front of everybody involved, yet nobody with the authority to make real changes is doing so. The governor and general assembly should be embarrassed that no substantive improvements have been made to DOC operations for years. Instead DOC problems continue to be handled “the Delaware way” which means not doing anything that could embarrass somebody else in authority, especially if you want to continue to have a career in state government or as a state employee. So mistakes, malfeasance and incompetence are covered up and millions and millions of tax dollars on spent on DOC for a program that doesn’t come anywhere close to justifying the expense.

Stephen Hampton
Grady and Hampton LLC
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Stephen Hampton
11:44 AM (2 hours ago)
to Ian

Ian, I also can’t understand why the laws of Delaware do not seem to apply inside Delaware prisons, at least not to DOC employees. The inmates on trial are accused of committing criminal acts in a DOC prison, and the evidence, as the first trial shows is not that clear. However there is overwhelming evidence that C/O’s and possibly state police officers committed hundreds of crimes against inmates on and after February 2, 2017, yet those crimes haven’t even been investigated.

Do the laws of Delaware apply to everyone committing crimes in DOC prisons, or only to inmates?