I have often said that the best thing my parents ever gave me was a great education.

  1. Super prep school for grades 9 to 12, even better college, and then law school [thanks to my wife, who worked as a teacher, I was able to pay for law school, but Mom and Dad still helped out].
  2. Ironically, the worst thing I ever did to myself – drugs – led me to another great education … in “the school of hard knocks”.
  3. Experience, part of which is nos 1 and 2 above, has been a tremendous education. My broad experience over 71 years, working, studying, playing, and screwing up with so many different characters, from Supreme Court Justice to addicts at the shelter, 

And I still love to learn; I read scores of articles every week, mostly on criminal justice topics, and newspapers.

All of which has made me unusually well prepared to be doing what I do. So, if you have a problem or question regarding prisons or criminal justice, call me:  Got a Problem with the Criminal Justice System? CALL this Guy! 

I happen to be “highly over educated”, but never forget this: Nobody is “better” than another; we all are just different. READ ALSO     Essay on Being Different -kra Mental Health